By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 02, 2020 10:06 IST
Basant Maheshwari on Covid19 Fight- if you alive for 60 days will regret losing equity of March

Basant Maheswari says that if you alive 60 days from now, you will regret losing the equity opportunity of march 2020. This is the right time to find out the business signal sit at your home and do research, observe the business environment and find out threats and opportunities about your business. As a report of Stock Exchange has lost in excess of Rs. 50 lakh crore so far in 2020 till march.

Basant Maheswari is a Cost Accountant and a graduate from St Xavier's College, Kolkata has two decades of experience of business opportunity and threats. He has also knowledge of the Stock market in detail. 

Basant Maheshwari on Covid19 fight

As the report also said in 2008 is that is time to wait for clarity, but as we have seen in the past 2008, most of the investors were waiting for clarity. People who waited for clarity in 2008 didn't buy the Sensex, in 2009 it had doubled itself. Most of the investors lost chance form their hands. 

As Co-founder and partner of Wealth Advisors, Mr. Basant Maheswari mentions in his statement that, 'If you were alive for 60 days from now you can only regret because that time you would have left the chance as people left to chance in 2008 due to clarity. The business environment gives you a signal you have to recognize what are those actually threats or opportunities.

basant maheshwari on Covid19 fight

Maheshwari visualizes three scenarios today:

In the first scenario, the world will find the weapons to fight with coronavirus is Vaccine.
In the second scenario, the world may control Covid-19 as China has done it.  
In the third scenario, the world will become the victims of the COVID-19 and it will spread all over the world.

As the market gives you signal you have to catch them and it also impacts how quickly you grab that, this time you have to come out from your comfort zone.

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As Dr. Vikvek Bindra said that this is a great time to check the stock market if you like to invest and the great people always find a great time. The stock market needs time as our government also said us to sit at home. Don't go out is the way to fight with COVID-19 and we have to make it successful. All you need to do is that keep your connection with the Stock Exchange said by 'Basant Maheswari'. You should not be in the comfort zone you need to come out as soon as possible keep learning and follow the rule of the government.

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