By Raghvendra Shikhrani, Updated : Jun 12, 2020 16:10 IST
Anjana Om Kashyap brutally trolled for debate with Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera

Executive editor and senior news anchor of leading News Channel Aaj Tak trolled on social media for her debate with Indian National Congress Spokesperson Pawan Khera. It seems people tried to ruin her birthday as a video of a heated argument between Anjana and Pawan went viral on social media and Twitterati started trolling her for being a biased journalist. 

Youth Congress President of Rajasthan Abhimanyu Poonia slammed Kashyap and backed his senior Khera. 

Poonia Tweeted in appreciation of Khera, "He is Pawan Khera. He is fighting left right and center with these bunch of fools, who come up with half-cooked truths and start spreading their agenda. Your voice gives us strength and hope. Thank You!!!" 

Social Media influencer Akash Banerjee shared the video along with opinion. " One of the hallmarks of opposition spokespersons has been to go for news debates - only to be used & humiliated by B&D anchors.
Very few have understood this game & Pawan Khera is one of them. Either show these anchors their place or don’t go to ‘debates’ just to show ur face," wrote Banerjee on Twitter. 

As per the Tweets, it seems people are not happy with Anjana Om Kashyap's style of hosting debate shows. As per some Twitter users, Kashyap sometimes forgets that she is a journalist, not a BJP spokesperson. 

Twitter user Anagha Acharya Tweeted, "Poor Bhatia's embarrassment is clearly visible as #AnjanaOmKashyap forgot that she has to #pretend to be #anchor covering fact that she is BJP representative!"

Simran Shinde called Pawan Khera's response an advance Birthday gift to Kashyap. She wrote, "Such a strong, powerful verbal debate I'd watch today between One Congress person and Two BJP spokesperson. Pawan Khera's advance birthday gift to #AnjanaOmKashyap was incredible!"

Haters gonna hate, but Kashyap received lots of birthday wishes as her followers and well-wishers showered love on social media and as a result, she is been trending of Twitter since afternoon. 

Team SeeLatest wishes Anjana Om Kashyap a very Happy Birthday.