Amit shah Replies on BJP’s Defeat in Delhi Elections! Controversies backfired on BJP

As per reports on Thursday Union Home Minister of India Amit Shah replies on BJP’s defeat in Delhi Elections 2020. In an event organized by Times Now at Thursday Home Minister Amit Shah made Statement that BJP Party have suffered in Delhi assembly elections and party accepts this. Answering cause of BJP’s defeat Shah said due to controversial statements made by some BJP party leaders. Speaking to the Times Now he discussed so much about BJP’s defeat in Delhi elections, Delhi voting turnout and party level preparedness and causes behind defeat, next strategy and further more.

Amit shah Replies on BJP’s Defeat in Delhi Elections

Statements of Party Leaders Backfired BJP in Delhi: Amit Shah - In Times Now summit on Thursday Amit Shah first time after Delhi Elections 2020 result replied on BJP’s defeat in National Capital and accepted that controversial statements and speeches backfired on Party. Statements like ‘goli maro’ and ‘India-Pakistan match’ or ‘dekh lenge kon hain muslim’ should not have been made by some leader of BJP party during the campaign of Delhi assembly elections, Shah added. He said that ‘Party immediately distanced itself from these statements’. Amit shah add that the party workers are processed through different levels and gradually rise within the ranks. In Delhi assembly election campaign all workers are on field and they states something but people know who is authorized person for make statements within the party. Amit shah also states that if some worker said something beyond the party line whether he is senior worker of party it does not mean that it is the BJP’s view towards anything.

amit shah on bjp defeat in delhi

Amit shah reviled the Reason behind BJP’s Defeat in Delhi assembly Elections 

When the questioned asked by Times now was the BJP suffered in Delhi assembly elections due to these remarks, Amit shah answered that ‘perhaps we did. There is no system for people why they voted to the particular party, so it difficult to know what is exact reason behind this defeat of BJP party in Delhi assembly election. Amit shah the Union Home Minister said that Delhi assembly election result was not a mandate on citizenship Amendment Act or the NRC.  Amit Shah said Delhi elections were fought on combination of serval issues, not on a single one, they are not fought and assessed on one single issue.

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Amit shah on NRC and CAA Act

Amit shah states that the government had taken no step for NRC but the issue was very closed parts of promises of BJP’s to people. To clarify about NPR update, Amit Shah said that there is no  need to show paper during process.  Amit Shah admitting that BJP party’s Delhi election strategy had failed. Amit Shah said that ‘we do not fight the election just for victory or defeat, BJP is party which follow its ideology. We did not leave our ideology even after sitting in opposition for decade. He states that BJP may have suffered due to controversial statements made by party’s leader.