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Alka Lamba and Yogeshwar Dutt spats over PM Modi, War of words - See Latest
Alka Lamba and Yogeshwar Dutt spats over PM Modi, War of words

Alka Lamba's former Aam Aadmi Party MLA has made bad remarks on the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi. Firstly Alka Lamba insulted to PM Modi and RSS so much, after listening to the wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt responded to Alka Lamba used the same low-level words as she used for PM Modi. Social Media also shocked to listen to Alka Lamba's abuse about PM Narendra Modi. All the users of Social Media are surprised to listen to her abuse about PM Modi and replying to her in his language.

The argument started with Alka Lamba's tweet in which she badly commented on the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the BJP. She also put a picture where PM Modi is giving a speech in Sangh's uniform.

Alka Lamba and Yogeshwar Dutt spat

Alka wrote, 'The Sangh has nothing to do with politics, but the truth is that all the BJP leaders are the birth of the Sangh! (Also read social media comments below here)

Then the wrestler took the bet Wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt said about Alka Lamba on Twitter that, who quit the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and joined the Congress, did not like the fact. Yogeshwar wrote in a reply tweet, '! @ # $ $ Who is born, it is known from your words that Alka Lamba. Your thinking revealed your upbringing as well. You must have seen the love of the countrymen for the person on whose photo you have written that is PM Modi. The whole country stands together. Except for a few mental patients just like you. Alka lost her temper ... a deep injury,  Alka Lamba was shocked to hear Yogeshwar Dutt's answer. The language he answered was of a lower level. 

Alka Lamba and Yogeshwar Dutt spats over PM Modi

Alka Lamba and Yogeshwar Dutt spats over PM Modi

Alka wrote on twitter against Alka Lamba;  Abe Yogeshwar Dutt, ask your mother who is your father? Do you feel ashamed to put DP with your father? So what With whom you have kept the DP, if the mother says that she is your father, then believe me, because the mother never lies, you have no pain.

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After reading this dialogue, there has been a flood of commentary on social media. A user has written for Yogeshwar Dutt, 'The suggestion that sir do not keep your foot in the mud, the splatter will come on itself.'

Alka Lamba is trending on Twitter due to the bad behavior that she did about the PM Modi. NIA said that it also needs to pay attention that Alka Lamba's language seems to be associated with some terrorist organization. There is an appeal to our government that this Alka Lamba should be investigated as soon as possible.