Nirbhaya Case- 3rd March as New Hanging Date Decided by Supreme Court

Supreme Court of India announced new hanging date for Nirbhaya Case convicts. On Monday Court decided new hanging date as 3rd March 2020 for hanging of all four convicts including Akshay Singh. Earlier High Court rejected the Review Petition filed by lawyer. In Nirbhaya Gang Rape Case Supreme Court pronounced the Judgement on Monday on New Hanging date for all four convicts in Nirbhaya Gang Rape 2012. Akshay Singh one of the Death row convict in Gang Rape & Murder Case 2012 got the petition rejected. Now after all hanging of all four convicts is finally confirmed on 3 March 2020 in Nirbhaya Gang Rape case.

Nirbhaya Case- New Hanging Date Decided

akshay can be hanged nirbhaya case

Supreme Court of on Wednesday delivered the judgement on Nirbhaya Gang Rape Case convicts petition. Judgement led by three member newly constituted bench by Justice Bhanumathi, Justice Alok Bhushan and AS Bopanna on Monday at 1 pm dismissed the review petition of guilty Akshay Singh. Akshay's review petition was heard by 3-member bench and hearing began at 10:30 am Feb 17.

Nirbhaya Case- New Hanging Date 3 March 2020

The rejection of review petition by Supreme Court now opens the path for Akshay’s hanging along with other three convicts whose petitions already been dismissed in the Supreme Court. Now the death sentence of all the four convicts will remain intact.

Nirbhaya Case New Hanging date

Now the legal right is left for the convicts to file a mercy petition in front of President Ram Nath Kovind. On Wednesday Akshay's lawyer sought 3 weeks’ time from the Supreme Court to file a mercy petition before the President. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, Advocate of Delhi Police said that the law has a time limit of only 7 days. Contradicting the Supreme Court judgement Akshay’s Lawyer also termed the legal defeat over Moral based judgement.

Akshay’s Lawyer Defended the Convict

Akshay Can Be Hanged

Convicted Akshay's lawyer AP Singh was given half an hour for the debate in favor of Akshay Singh the convict in Nirbhaya Gang Rape Case 2012. Though Akshay's lawyer AP Singh make statement in defense of Akshay during hearing but later review petition rejected by Supreme Court of India.

Delhi Court on Akshay’s Hanging-

As per ANI Reports Delhi Court directs Tihar Jail authorities to issue a fresh notice for one week to convicts (2012 Delhi Gang Rape case) as to whether they want to file mercy petitions. Next date of hearing is 7th January.

What Akshay’s Parents Say-

Akshay Can Be Hanged

A Plea was filed by parents of 2012 Delhi gang rape victim Akshay. Parents are seeking immediate execution of death-row convicts. Public prosecutor argued in Delhi Court that pendency of mercy petitions or fact that convicts want to file mercy petitions does not preclude court from issuing death warrant: ANI reported.

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Nirbhaya Case- New Hanging Date 3rd March Decided

As per recent news New Hanging date for Nirbhaya Gang Rape case convicts has been decided. On March 3 all convicts to be hanged