By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 02, 2020 09:21 IST
A Fight against Coronavirus- AIIMS Delhi to train Doctors & Nurses nationwide via Online training

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi will train Doctors and Nurses nationwide via an Online training program. From the next 3-4 days onwards AIIMS Delhi to start the training of Doctors and Nurses to deal with Coronavirus cases in Hospitals. On Saturday Union Health Ministery Joint Secretary Lav Agarwal in a press briefing said, AIIMS New Delhi to start training from next few days through Online Video Conferencing.

AIIMS Delhi to train Doctors and Nurses

To train Doctors and Nurses nationwide AIIMS New Delhi doctors will start online VC assured Lav Agarwal. As Coronavirus positive count nearing 1000 in India Union Health Ministry is conducting Press briefing daily and answers questions on Coronavirus.
AIIMS Delhi to train Doctors & Nurses

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On Saturday Joint Secretary said AIIMS Doctors to start Online Training program across India specially to Doctors and Nurses. Institute Doctors to train how to fight Corona positive cases and deal with new cases emerging and primary stage. On other hands Central Government is preparing at a large level in case India moves toward the third stage of COVID19, as Joint Secretary said, so far no cases of community transfer have been reported in Country as it’s the second stage only.

Till Saturday Coronavirus positive cases in India moved beyond 900 marks and 20 deaths were reported in Country. AIIMS Delhi has also announced that GHSS patients will also be given three months of medicine in advance.

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