By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 22, 2020 17:12 IST
A Leader for Humanity: After Trump, US Agency gives PM Modi 1st Rank in fighting Covid19

US President in his tweet thanking Indian Prime Minister Modi named a leader for not only India, but humanity. Donald Trump on Wednesday thanked Indian Prime Minister and Indian people for allowing supply of essential drug Hydroxychloroquine to US and other nations amid Coronavirus outbreak. Indian Govt has started offering essential medicines and other drugs being required by other nations including neighbouring countries amid Covid19. In row to thanking Indian Govt over the decision to supply HCQ, US President said I thank to People of India, Government of India for this cooperation and extraordinary support during Covid19 pandemic, will not be forgotten, added Trump in his tweet.

Government of India under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi on Tuesday announced supply of essential medical drugs reversing it’s own decision and allowing export of Hydroxychloroquine to US, Brazil, Sri Lanka and all other nations badly affected due to COVID19.

'A leader for Humanity' Trump thanks Modi

After allowing export of Hydroxychloroquine to United States on Wednesday President Trump thanked PM Modi for reversing it’s decision taken in March month by hold on HCQ. Through his social media handle President Trump praised Indian leadership and PM Modi for his decision on Hydroxychloroquine amid this crises time and named it greater cooperation between friends.

PM Modi replied- 'Fully agree with you Donald Trump'

As per recent update Prime Minister Modi has also replied on US President Donald Trump's tweet. PM said 'Fully agree with you Donald Trump. Times like these bring friends closer. India -US partnership is stronger than ever and India will do every possible help for Humanity'fight against Coronavirus.

a leader for humanity Trump names modi

President added that this cooperation ‘will not be forgotten’, this extraordinary support and PM Modi's decisions as greater for humanity. India on Tuesday not only allowed HCQ and other essential medicines supply to US but also offered to all other nations suffering from Covid19 pandemic. India has also pitched the same license to all neighbouring countries including Pakistan.

a leader for Humanity Trump names Modi

Have received Hydroxychloroquine request from 30 Countries tells Government- Indian Government has received similar request of supply of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) from 30 countries as countries explore any possible cure for the pandemic that has infected millions of around the world.

India has supplied Hydroxychloroquine and Paracetamol to Neighbour Sri Lanka and also to deliver to Brazil on Thursday. India who is the biggest producer and exporter of HCQ have received request from near about 30 countries for Hydroxychloroquine an anti malarial Drug.

PM Modi Ranks 1 in curbing Crises- US Agency

US Agency named PM Modi a Global Leader in fighting Coronavirus. PM Modi gained 68 points out of 100 on the basis of taking precautionary measures and gave number one rank to PM Modi.

Read President Trump 'Humanity Leader' Thanking Tweet

Has stockpiled enough Hydroxychloroquine

While easing restrictions on export, India has said it would stockpile enough of the drug for domestic use before allowing exporters to start servicing previous orders. The decision on who to export to (and how much) will be taken by the department of pharmaceuticals.

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