By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 02, 2020 12:01 IST
PM Narendra Modi's mother donated in PM CARE Fund, deposited 25k from Personal Savings

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's mother donated 25k in PM CARE fund. On Tuesday PM Modi’s mother Heeraben donated from her Personal Savings a precious amount in CARE fund initiated by Prime Minister to fight against Coronavirus pandemic in India. Heeraben on Tuesday came ahead to donate in COVID19 fund. Earlier Prime Minister's mother was also seen in clanging plate j support of Janta Curfew imposed on 22 March by PM.

PM Modi's mother donated Rs 25000 from her monthly Personal Savings and joined several other personalities who have donated in PM CARE Fund. Ninety – Eight years old Heeraba has also contributed from her savings in calamities.

PM Narendra Modi's mother donated in PM CARE Fund

As per report Prime Minister's mother Heeraban, 98 years old living in Raisin Village on Thursday donated 25k in PM CARE Fund. She contributed the amount directly in Fund created by PM on March 28 to tackle Economic crises amid Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown in country.

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Recently PM Modi announced the creation of an Coronavirus assistance and emergency situation relief fund CARE where people can contribute and help in the government's fight against coronavirus on Saturday. Several dignitaries, celebrities, sports personalities and business personnel have contributed in PM CARE fund.

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98 Years old Haaraben contributed in Coronavirus fund

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's mother Heeraben lives in Raisin village near Gandhinagar in Gujarat, with her younger son Pankaj Modi. Heeraben during Janta Curfew also came forward to encourage health workers, Police personnel and others on essential services. Heeraben was also seen standing in a bank queue in 2016 after Prime Minister announced demonetisation. After taking over his second term as Prime Minister, Modi firstly visited his house and took blessings from his mother.

She had expressed her support for PM Modi's Janata Curfew initiative earlier this month by clanging a plate as a symbol of gratitude.