Tokyo Olympics 2020: One Year to go for the mega Tokyo Olympic Games, Countdown begins

Tokyo Olympics 2020 - The most-awaited Tokyo Olympics open on 24 July 2020. Japan's high-tech capital on Wednesday entered the final leg of its marathon Olympic preparations, marking a year until 2020 Games open with officials promising a high-tech but eco-friendly event. Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe described the change as a legacy which the next generation can be proud of.

The organisers have battled everythingas the final countdown began, they were touting speedy progress on venue construction and pledging a Games that will be a springboard for the creation of a new Tokyo.

Tokyo Olympics 2020- One Year to go

One year to go, all of the excitement is growing here, John Coateschairman of the International Olympic Committee's coordination body, said on Tuesday. He added that 'unprecedented' ticket sales and applications by 200,000 people for just 80,000 volunteer positions had shown the enthusiasm building for the 2020 Games. He praised Tokyo's preparation as the sprint to the finish line began. We're very pleased that the delivery of the Games remains firmly on track, he said.

Gold, silver, and bronze Olympic medals were to get their first public viewing on Wednesday as Tokyo organizers marked exactly a year until the games open. The Tokyo Local government offices obtained about 78,985 tons of donated items that yielded 32 kilograms of gold, 3,500 kg of silver and 2,200 kg of bronze. Approximately 5,000 medals are being produced using metal recycled from mobile phones and other small electronic devices.
Organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday unveiled the medals to be presented at the Games next summer.

Look at here are the medals of Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Some features of the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020:-

High-tech show:

With the countdown under way, organisers have also been stepping up efforts to promote the Games as a showcase for Japan's high-tech know-how.
Japan's reputation as an industrial innovator has flagged since the last time it hosted the Games in Tokyo in 1964, when it wowed the world with bullet trains.

Half of the new permanent venues have been completed, and organisers say construction of the rest is on track. An official year-to-go ceremony was due to reveal the Olympic medals design and organizers were hosting events allowing residents to try out Olympic sports.

Tragic Torch relay:

The organizers have even teamed up with two Japanese astronauts who will send messages of support from the International Space Station to those carrying the Olympic torch through the country. The torch relay, featuring a rose-gold cherry blossom-shaped torch unveiled earlier this year, will start from a sports centre in Fukushima that housed workers battling to remove radioactive waste after the 2011 tsunami.

Ticket fantasy:

Organisers have also faced a series of embarrassing sideshows, including the resignation of Japan's Olympics minister in April after a string of gaffes. The clouds appear to have done little to dull enthusiasm for the Games though, at least in Japan. Organisers say more than 7.5 million residents registered for a lottery to buy tickets during a first round in July.

Fans, sponsors and politicians were celebrating the day around the Japanese capital Tokyo, displaying placards and clocks showing 365 days to go until the opening ceremony on July 24, 2020.