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RCB Coach says-would be happy if IPL 2020 happens abroad - See Latest
17 Apr 2020, 11:06 am By Neha Sinha
RCB Coach says-would be happy if IPL 2020 happens abroad

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RBC) Simon Katch would be happy if IPL happens in abroad, As Indian Premier League's (IPL) latest edition has been suspended indefinitely due to the novel coronavirus outbreak into the state, Royal Challengers Bangalore's Simon Katich is a head coach and he has said that his team would be happy if the tournament takes place in abroad. Simon Katch said that in RCB Team had a lot of South Africans and Australians in their squad and if the tournament happens abroad, it might bode well for the team.

RCB Coach says IPL 2020 happens abroad

'Whether it might be in Australia or elsewhere, that's a stimulating topic of conversation. There would be a couple of teams, us especially at RCB. We would be very happy for it to be played abroad because a number of our overseas players are Australian and South African, who really would enjoy these conditions in Australia,' ESPN Cricinfo quoted Katich as saying to SEN Radio.

RCB would be happy if IPL happens abroad, says Simon Katich

'It would be interesting to see if that would eventuate but obviously it's one of many scenarios that's being discussed,' he said. Simon Katich, a former Australian player, also said that he is confident that IPL would definitely go ahead this year.

IPL 2020 happens abroad

RBC Simon Katch said that 'There is a huge economic side to this in terms of what the IPL generates, not only for the Indian economy but also for the franchises as well and for the BCCI. I guess the thing that has got to be weighed up is ... there's probably a touch little bit of a difference in terms of the IPL,' 

'Due to the number of eyeballs found on the IPL in India when it is in April and they should, it is a scenario where it is still very commercially viable to play with empty stadiums, so that is something that will certainly weigh, 'he also added.

The BCCI suspended the IPL on Thursday until further notice' in the wake of the rapid pandemic of COVID-19. It was first postponed until April 15 due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended the national shutdown until May 3, after which the IPL was suspended indefinitely.

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