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No Chance of IPL this Year! Mega Auction 2021 also in danger, Source - See Latest
No Chance of IPL this Year! Mega Auction 2021 also in danger, Source

As per situation prevailing in India and globally, chances of IPL this year seem diminished. No chance of IPL this year, according to a source known to Indian Premier League. Though final decision is in Board’s hand, but chances of IPL this year are very few in the current situation if it doesn’t drastically change in favour report said. It is assumed that the Indian Premier League (IPL) will not be organized this year due to the corona (COVID-19) epidemic, although the Board is yet to take final decision on IPL this year he added. 

As the situation is moving toward third stage in India, the Government of India as precautionary step may not allow visas to foreign players and without this No chance of IPL to take place this year, source added.

No Chance of IPL this Year

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has not made any announcement regarding IPL on fresh schedule of IPL so far. In earlier meeting BCCI decided to take the decision on IPL after lockdown ends in Country. A source on Tuesday said, there is ‘no chance' of IPL this year, if the situation worsens in Country and Govt of India doesn’t issue visas to foreign players amid Coronavirus spread.


Though BCCI board will discuss the issue with the IPL franchise after April 15, when the lockdown ends in country. The Indian government earlier in March suspended all foreign visas till April 15 due to lockdown in Country over COVID19 pandemic.

Earlier IPL 2020 was scheduled to start from March 29, later Board postponed the IPL till unknown date and the decision seems to be taken after April 15, report said. It is said that BCCI is waiting for the announcement of the Government of India and the Ministry of Sports on visas before the official announcement.

Final Decision on IPL to be taken Soon

All eight teams will be asked to maintain the status quo in case any decision on IPL taken by Board. Another point highlighted in report clarified that in case IPL doesn’t take place this year, auction event of 2021 will also be in danger. According to the schedule, the mega auction is scheduled to take place in 2021 and that would be in danger if IPL doesn’t take place this hear. A source associated with the IPL said, There seems no IPL this year. Now it will be next year. We all know how the situation is in the country at the moment and nobody would want to take a risk. How can social distancing be played in the stadium ..?, He asked.

‘It would be better to play IPL next year' source added. Apart from this, there will be no mega auction next year, in case no IPL organized this year, sources added to media reports. 

Earlier on 14 March, the BCCI discussed the coronavirus issue with all IPL owners. Board President Sourav Ganguly had hoped that an IPL tournament with fewer matches could be held. But as the situation is moving there are very few chances that IPL 2020 would be possible.

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