By See Latest Desk, Updated : Apr 02, 2020 00:36 IST
Taylor Swift's new song is political and people gives a better response

At midnight on Friday, Taylor Swift dropped her new track "You Need To Calm Down," in what is her most political effort yet. The first verse is a general middle finger to her internet critics, but then by the second verse, the song takes clear aim at homophobes. It's perfect timing given it's currently Pride month, and the lyrics aren't subtle about those who are against the LGBTQ community.
Swift sings, "You are somebody that we don't know / But you're comin' at my friends like a missile
Why are you mad when you could be GLAAD / Sunshine on the street at the parade / But you would rather be in the dark ages / Makin' that sign must've taken all night."
The GLAAD reference certainly didn't go unnoticed by the pro-LGBTQ organization, which tweeted it's delight about the shout out. In further support for the LGBTQ community, Swift goes on to sing, "You just need to take several seats and then try to restore the peace / And control your wishes to scream about all the people you hate / 'Cause shade never made anybody less gay."
You can bet that last line will become a catch-cry for a long, long time.

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