Shang-Chi Vs F9 Indian Box Office Report: You'll be Surprised After Knowing The Results

Currently Shang-Chi Vs F9 Indian box office report is here. The two Hollywood joints are competing against each other in a nail-biting battle. Both the movies are made on a big budget. Read more about Shang-Chi Vs F9 Indian box office.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Sep 09, 2021 13:51 IST
Shang-Chi Vs F9 Indian Box Office Report: You'll be Surprised After Knowing The Results
Shang-Chi Vs F9 Indian Box Office

Shang-Chi Vs F9 Indian Box Office: 'Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings' started off with a bang at the international box office and also managed to amass huge numbers during the weekend at Box Office India. 

As per the latest updates, the Marvel superhero film earned an estimated amount close to ₹12 crores net in four days. The film reportedly suffered a 50% drop in its daily collections on its first Monday as it collected ₹1.50 crore only. 

This comes after the film had an impressive first weekend at the ticket counters where the film collected an estimated ₹10.75 crore (net earnings). On Friday, the film earned ₹3 crores, subsequently went on to earn ₹3.5 crores on Saturday. It saw good growth on Sunday with a collection reaching ₹4.5 crores.

As per film trade experts, the movie is likely to earn ₹15.50 crores net by the end of week one.

'Fast & Furious 9' on the other hand, has maintained a steady hold over the box office. The movie began its Indian box office ride ₹2 crore collection on Friday (release date), earned an estimated ₹1 crore (figures disputed) on its first Monday. As per reports, the drop in collections was around 40% as its dubbed versions are working better than 'Shang-Chi' in smaller centers.

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What's surprising about the 'Shang-Chi Vs F9 Indian Box Office battle' 

It was expected that Fast & Furious 9 would do a lot better than Shang-Chi in India primarily because F9 featured a well-known cast, whereas Shang-Chi relatively had a new unfamiliar cast. In the end, Marvel power dominated F9's star power & revived the Indian theatre businesses.  

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