Moonfall Box Office Collection Day 8: Emmerich's Film Turns Out To Be A Box Office Disaster

Roland Emmerich's Moonfall failed at the box office like an EMP thrown into a lunar crater, yet the idiotic disaster is exactly what's needed right now. Moonfall box office collection day 8 report is given below for more information.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Feb 12, 2022 13:19 IST
Moonfall Box Office Collection Day 8: Emmerich's Film Turns Out To Be A Box Office Disaster
Moonfall Box Office Collection

Moonfall Box Office Collection Day 8: Moonfall underperformed at the box office but deserved so much more. It's the latest in a long string of box office disappointments for Emmerich, including 2019's Midway and 2016's Independence Day: Resurgence, grossing just USD 10 million in the United States against a budget of USD 140 million.

Both films made a profit globally, but their domestic box office figures suggested that Emmerich may never again achieve the monetary heights of Independence Day, and Moonfall appeared to confirm this.

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Astronaut Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson) is disgraced and divorced after a deadly tragedy on a routine repair mission. When the Moon is sent hurtling toward the Earth ten years later, he is given a second chance. Moonfall appears to be another Roland Emmerich film about an estranged father looking for forgiveness in the face of cataclysmic tragedy.

With a third act injection of hard sci-fi, it swings from Emmerich to Kubrick, which is intriguing. It's less 2001: A Space Odyssey and more Two Thousand and Dumb, yet such a reckless swing for the box office fences deserves to be admired.

Despite Emmerich and Spielberg's struggles, films like Spider-Man: No Way Home and Jackass Forever show that there is still a thirst for the cinematic experience. These films' success is built-in audience nostalgia, as Hollywood studios become increasingly reliant on old properties to improve decreasing attendance figures.

By removing the risk of financial loss, studios eliminate the risk for audiences while jeopardizing creativity. Playing things safe means that audiences miss out on big, silly, tremendously entertaining pictures like Moonfall, which is a loss for everyone.  

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