Hailey Bieber clarifies the rumour of 'being pregnant' with husband Justin Bieber

Recently Hailey Bieber clarifies the rumour of being pregnant with Justin Bieber on her social media. Amidst of voting, she shares a post on her social regarding the news of her pregnancy with husband Justin Bieber.

By Pratibha Pahariya, Updated : Nov 06, 2020 17:31 IST
Hailey Bieber clarifies the rumour of 'being pregnant' with husband Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber recently took to her Instagram story and clarifies the rumor of being pregnant with her husband Justin Bieber. This Hollywood beauty clarifies that she is not pregnant as the couple is not expecting their first child. This lockdown brings a lot of change in the celebs lifestyle, where fans can witness Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost's intimate wedding to Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner welcomes their first child. 

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber are in the buzz that they are expecting their first child and Hailey will soon deliver a baby. Hailey Bieber took to her Instagram story and clarify the news of her pregnancy. She says," Since I know you guys were about to break your Lil story... I’m not pregnant. So please stop writing false stories from your 'sources' and focus on what’s important, aka the election." 

justin bieber
Hailey Bieber Instagram Story 

Apparently, a US publication was planning on publishing a story regarding that Hailey was pregnant. However, this model decided to put an end to the speculation herself even before publishing any kind of article. She fiercely denied all those rumors on her Instagram and ask people to draw their attention to the main topic i.e. Election.  

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In February, Justin Bieber even shared the news that he wanted to start a family but running a family is difficult as they are newly married. Justin had said, "I want to enjoy being married for a little bit, go on tour, be married, enjoy traveling with just us, build more of our relationship and I think, having a baby, yeah, that is definitely the next step for sure."

Justin and Hailey have been married for two years as the couple tied the knot secretly in 2018. The last year 2019, they followed up their wedding with a grand chapel wedding on 30th September 2019.

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