By Trishna Das, Updated : Jun 12, 2020 16:11 IST
'Dark Netflix' trends as Twitteratis freak out and share Memes on Dark Season 3 Trailer Release

Netflix has just released the trailer of Dark Season 3, originally a German series, which has taken the Internet by storm. The third season is back with a bang and after the success of the first two instalments, it seems the hype that social media has created after Dark Season 3 trailer release, the series is surely going to be a success.

The trailer is now available on Netflix and the Dark fans can now watch the mind-blowing trailer. According to reports, audiences are already abuzz with the trailers content complexity. Fans have taken to Twitter and several memes are viral on the internet. 

Here what some of the viral memes 'Dark' fans shared on Twitter:

Earlier, the creator of the popular series Jantje Friese hinted what the season 3 of Dark would look like. Friese told Indiewire that the Season 3 was already in their plan when they started with Season 1 and 2 of Dark. He said that many sequences in the Season 1 hinted to Season 3, however, they decided to move it backwards. So whatever was left has been shown in Dark Season 3.

Watch Dark Season 3 Trailer

Meanwhile, during this lockdown, Netflix has attracted millions of audiences to subscribe to their services. Here's the list of upcoming web series that is worth a watch:

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8. The Old Guard (2020) Netflix Release Date: July 10th

9. Fatal Affair (2020) Netflix Release Date: July 16th

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