By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 02, 2020 11:31 IST
Andrew Jack General Ematt of Star Wars dies due to Coronavirus

An agent said on Wednesday (01.04.2020) about the Actor Andrew Jacks died in (Britain) UK due to infection of Novel Coronavirus at the age of 76 years old. Actor Andrew Jacks had worked as a dialect coach, died in a hospital in Surrey on Tuesday as it was said by an agent Jill McCullough in a statement. 

Gabrielle Rogers who is the wife of the great actor Andrew Jacks said that he was suffering from the infection of Coronavirus before 2 days and he was kept in isolation but died in two days on Wednesday.

Andrew Jack General Ematt Dies

Actor Andrew Jacks worked in many movies and played a great role. He also played a role in emotional movies. But at the age of 76 years old, he died due to difficulty in the respiratory system. As he was a rich man but due to lack of the medicine he died.

World Health Organisation (WHO) announced it as a pandemic and said to all the medical lad and the vaccine lab to invent the vaccine and the medicine to save the world. Until you have to save life to stay at home, follow the social distancing and do not touch anybody and anything.

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Andrew Jacks was also said that he truly tried to save himself but could not understand how he got the infection. This is very dangerous and the critical situation that suddenly you got to know that you are infected with the coronavirus.

Andrew Jack General Ematt Dies due to Coronavirus

As a result of the Coronavirus in the world on Wednesday (01.04.2020) :
Coronavirus Cases: 8,58,892
Deaths: 42,158
Recovered: 1,78,100

As a result of the Coronavirus in the USA on Wednesday (01.04.2020):
Coronavirus Cases: 1,88,578
Deaths: 3,890
Recovered: 7,251 

An announcement of the Coronavirus is a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organisation) because this is spreading all over the world. The USA is like such a country which comes the first position of the facility but instead of many facilities of health, they are not able to save the life of the people.

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