By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 18, 2020 12:07 IST
All about MeAt20 Challenge- Celebrities raking up with old memories

Just a few months ago, the 10-year challenge saw people from around the world as a flood on social media with images showing how they had transformed during the 2010s. Now, at a time when we all be facing the worst situation due to the Novel coronavirus Outbreak into the nationwide, a new edition has taken off. The MeAt20 hashtag on Twitter right now, everyone is posting a photo of you from 20 years old. The challenge is simple Post a photo of yourself in your 20s on social media; Most of the posts can be found on Twitter.

This week, fans of celebrity chef Nigella Lawson laughed at English TV personality with praise after she participated in the 'I at 20' challenge on Twitter, which forces social media users to share photos. of you when you guessed it at the age of 20.

 What is MeAt20 Challenge?

This latest challenge is just one of many trends emerging among bored social media users in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, including the 'I'm Just a Kid' challenge, the 'First Photo' challenge and the 'Travel From Home'trend. Some went down the path of posting something a little awkward or embarrassing, like the gothic edition of singer Alison Moyet, or Piers Morgan's shorts ... erm ... Carol Vorderman's' 80s perm was aired, though perhaps he chose his Cambridge University graduation photo as a reminder that beneath that clump of hair was a sharp mind.

All about MeAt20 Challenge

But Lawson's supporters weren't just thrilled to see the 60-year-old cookbook author taking part in the challenge. Most were more interested in commenting on how fantastic she looked in the black-and-white photo, which, according to her own admission, was taken at the age of 23. So many Hollywood celebs participate in MeAt20.

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