By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : May 13, 2020 12:46 IST
Mera Pani- Meri Virasat Scheme: CM announces Rs 7000 per acre for switching from paddy

Chief Minister of Haryana Shree Manohar Lal Khattar has announced to give Rs 7000 per acre under 'Mera Pani-Meri Virasat scheme. Under the scheme the incentive of Rs 7000 per acre will be given to farmers for switching from paddy. Government of Haryana on Wednesday announcing the incentive of RS 7,000 per acre for switching from water-guzzling paddy also encouraged farmers to sow other crops i.e Urad, Arhar, Maize, Cotton, Bajra etc. Haryana Govt also said that permission to sow paddy will not be given in panchayat areas where the ground water depth is more than 35 metres.  

Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar also appealed to farmers to promote water conservation and save water during the launch of Mera Pani-Meri Virasat scheme for the future generations in the same way they leave their land as inheritance for their coming generations.

Mera Pani-Meri Virasat Scheme Rs 7000 per acre

PTI report states that on Wednesday Haryana CM Khattar launched 'Mera Pani- Meri Virasat' scheme. Under the scheme, farmers who switch to alternative crop in place of paddy during this season would be given an incentive of Rs 7000 per acre, according to an official statement. The Chief Minister during the launch of Mera Pani, Meri Virasat scheme (MPMVS) said that at present some part of the state fall in the dark zone, which comprises 36 blocks, where rate of depletion of ground water level has doubled in the last 12 years. That means that where the ground water level was earlier at 20 meters, it has now further depleted to 40 meters, CM Khattar added. As per report there are 19 such blocks, where the water depth has exceeded 40 meters.

mera pani meri Virasat scheme

No incentive in blocks where Ground Water level above 35 metres- The land under the Panchayat, where the depth of ground water is more than 35 meters, permission would not be given to sow paddy in those Panchayat land. Haryana CM Khattar said that at present if farmers save water for the future generations, only then the land would be of use to them.

MPMVS Scheme- Incentive amount would be given to the concerned Gram Panchayat only where water level is lesser than 35 metres. Chief Minister ML Khattar also said that apart from these blocks, if the farmers of the remaining blocks also want to stop sowing paddy, then they can apply for the incentive amount by giving information in advance.

mera pani meri Virasat scheme rs 7000 per acre

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Switch from Paddy Crop said CM Khattar

Haryana CM urged the farmers  to make up their minds to sow crops which require less water than paddy, such as maize, arhar, urad, guar, cotton, bajra, til and grishm moong (Baisakhi moong), to ensure availability of water for future generations.

mera pani meri Virasat scheme

CM Khattar in launching Mera Pani-Meri Virasat scheme said that agricultural equipment required for maize sowing will also be arranged by the state government. 80 percent subsidy is being given to the farmers who have adopted micro- irrigation and drip irrigation system along with growing alternative crops in place of paddy, CM assured. PTI

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