12 May 2020, 10:42 am By Rohit Sindhu
Lockdown-4? Spike in Covid19 Cases hints for another phase, several States in support

After meeting with Prime Minister Modi in Video Conference meeting yesterday, several states  favoured to further extend the lockdown ending on May 17 which hints for Lockdown-4. As per reports six hour long ran Video Conference meeting with Chief Minister held openly with all possible options and suggestions. Majorly the four core discussions were raised in Video Conference meeting, first how to defeat Coronavirus, second Lockdown-4 or not, third how to bring livelihood on track and fourth how to ramp up economy. In VC meeting total 12 states favoured the Lockdown extension which simply means fourth phase of Lockdown, however rest of the states stressed over allowing more relieve in Industrial and other activities.  

The fifth time Prime Minister Modi chaired the meeting with Chief Minister amid Covid19 pandemic and thanked Chief Ministers for their efforts and duties they performed. States are asked to submit blueprint till May 15, to give details of future course of action at their state level.

Lockdownj-4? Several States in Support

In last few days the Coronavirus cases in India have started increasing in thousands in numbers. However the recovery rate and doubling rate have also increased According to MOHFW data. So it isn’t denied that after 17 May there will be no Lockdown restrictions. If we go through the Prime Minister led Video Conference meeting held yesterday, several states favoured Lockdown-4.0 but with relieve. The two-round meeting lasted nearly six hours successfully held on to decide the strategy after the third phase of the lockdown.

During the discussion, Bihar, Punjab, Telangana, West Bengal and Maharashtra supported the extension of the lockdown, while West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Telangana opposed running trains from May 12. Rajasthan said - states should get the right to decide red, green and orange zones. Whereas, Kerala asked for freedom at state level to make appropriate changes in the guidelines related to the lockdown after May 17. Haryana state Chief Minister asked to leave the decision in hands of state. CM Khattar also supported to give relieve to more industrial activities in Green, Red & Orange zones except in Containment zone.


Spike in Covid19 cases hints Lockdown-4

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Coronavirus data shows a major spike has been observed in last 7 days. On Monday alone the spike of 3604 COVID19 cases reported in the last 24 hours across country. As per official data the total  Covid19 positive cases in the country reached to 70756 on Tuesday including 46008 active cases, 22454 cured/discharged/migrated cases and 2293 deaths.

Gradual withdrawal of Lockdown, PM suggested

The Prime Minister asked the states to come up with their ideas of opening up the economy. PM said- I request you all to share with me by May 15, a broad strategy on how each one of you would want to deal with lockdown regime in your particular states. I want states to make a blueprint on how to deal with various nuances during and after gradual easing of lockdown, PM Modi said.

PM Narendra Modi expressed his gratitude towards all the Chief Ministers for their contribution towards fight against coronavirus in India and for their valuable suggestions emanating out of their grass root level experience. Prime Minister on Monday said that all the suggestions would be taken into consideration. We must understand that the world has fundamentally changed post Covid-19. Now the world will be like pre corona, post Corona just like in the case of World Wars. And this would entail significant changes in how we function, PM said.

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Prime Minister further stated, even as we look at the gradual withdrawal of the lockdown, we should constantly remember that till we do not find a vaccine or a solution, the biggest weapon with us to fight the pandemic is social distancing. The new way of life would be on the principle of Jan se lekar Jag Tak, PM Modi said.

We will need an all-encompassing approach to deal with various challenges that will arise before us. With the onset of monsoon, there will be proliferation of many non  Covid-19 diseases, for which we must prepare and strengthen the health systems, Modi said. The prime minister asked the chief ministers to also keep in mind how to embrace new models of teaching  and learning in the education sector. He said he feels optimistic when not even a single state sounded despondent and that this collective determination will make India win in its fight against the pandemic.