By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Jul 28, 2020 13:23 IST
Haryana Police Service Rules amended; desired station for 6 months before retirement

The Haryana Government amending the State Police Services rules allows desired station to Police personnel on or below the rank of Inspector. The desired station will be offered to only those Haryana Police personnel who is retiring after six months. Earlier in the police service rules, there was proposal to offer home range to these personnel.

Haryana Director General of Police, Manoj Yadav said that personnel serving in the Department are being provided the opportunity to take last six months service before retirement at their desired station. Pregnant Female Police personnel are also offered one year’s service at their desired station, DGP added. Director General of Police Manoj Yadav holding a press interaction on Monday, gave the information about amendment in Haryana Police Service rules.

Amendment in Haryana Police Service Rules:

After new amendment in Haryana Police Service Rules, Police personnel who is about to retire after six months, are facilitated with option to choose home district/ desired station. Haryana Police personnel on or below the rank of Inspector can take advantage of the facility. 

According to new rules, now last six months of service would be offered to personnel at desired station. Alongside of it pregnant female personnel can also avail facility for one year.

haryana police service rules amendment

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For Pregnant Female personnel:

As per new proposed Haryana Police service rules, pregnant women personnel of Haryana Police can opt for Home district/ home station for one year. This facility will be provided maximum up to two children. During this period their maternity leave will not be considered