Haryana Govt reiterates Online Leave System (intrahry.gov.in), to Govt Employees, adds Joining/ Relieving

Haryana State Govt facilitates portal Intra Haryana to Govt employees for Online Leave submission and approval systems in different departments. The details regarding the newly launched Portal incapsulate Registration, Employee's Login, are provided.

By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Jun 08, 2021 13:22 IST
Haryana Govt reiterates Online Leave System (intrahry.gov.in), to Govt Employees, adds Joining/ Relieving
Haryana Govt Cabinet Meeting- Representational Image

The State Government of Haryana has written a letter to all Administrative Secretaries and Heads of the Departments over implementation of Online Leave submission and approval system in HRMS. Haryana General Admin Department states that Govt departments & administrations are not issuing strict directions to Govt employees for using Intra Haryana Portal for online leaves and tour sanctioning. Stressing again over the filing of online leave application and sanction record at intrahry.gov.in, Government reiterates Head of the departments & administrations to follow the guidelines from July 1, 2020.

Chief Secretary of State writes in his letter that “the directions were given for submission of Application of any kind of leave including casual leave, joining report, cancellation of leave and tour programme etc online through Intra Haryana Portal, but it has come to notice that above instructions are not being implemented by the Government employees and also not by leave/ tour sanctioning authority”.

All the authorities are directed to ensure compliance of the Online Leave System and instructions mentioned in the letter. Through the letter all the government employees are again reiterated to submit their applications of any kind of leave and also their tour programme, if any Online at Intra Haryana portal (www.intrahry.gov.in) w.e.f 1st July 2020.

All the heads of Offices/ heads of Departments etc are also directed that only online application of leave, joining report, cancellation of leave, tour programme etc should be considered  and sanctioned.

Intra Haryana Portal: Latest Activities:

1. At Intra Haryana Portal Mapping/updation of Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP) details in HRMS family details is being done.

2. All data of all Boards and Corporation and updation of PPP including contractual employees is also being uploaded at Intra Haryana Portal.

3. User Manual for updating Family ID (Parivar Pehchan Patra: Click Here

Intra Haryana portal for Joining Relieving orders
Intra Haryana portal for Joining Relieving orders- Dated 19 October

October 29, 2020- After the transfer, all the employees now have to upload a copy of their Joining and Relieving order to their personal Intra Haryana account at Intra Haryana portal. This option was available on intra Haryana for a long time, but now the Haryana government has issued its official order and ordered all departments to implement it.

Intra haryana portal
Govt letter to the respective Departments

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About Intra Haryana Portal- Indra Haryana is a single point gateway which integrates all government transactions and services within and across the various ministries and departments as well as those between the government and it's employees. Govt employees of Haryana state are issued directions to apply online for casual leaves, tour sanctioning & related services at intrahry.gov.in.

Intra Haryana Portal facilities:

Employees must register on Intra Haryana web-portal before login. Login created on old site IntraHaryana will not work on New Intra haryana portal. Portal also facilitates solution in case Employee face problem during regisration with Paycode/ Unique code, Mobile Number, Bank Account Number then he or she can ask his ddo to correct it. Employees have to do Registration first for Updating their Family ID after Login.

How to Register Online at Intra Haryana Portal:

If you are not registered with HRMS-Employee Portal (Karamchari Sahayak) – intrahry.gov.in. Kindly follow the following steps:

Step 1)- Browse the site Intrahry.gov.in. On the home page, you can see the login panel, click on “New Registration” button to start the registration process.

Step 2)- Select Employee Type, Enter Payeecode/ Uniquecode or Salary Bank A/c No. and then click submit.

Step 3)- After clicking on “Submit” button in the above screen, you will see the below screen will appear with having two options for getting mobile details – 1. Show mobile no from HRMS 2. Show mobile no from E-Salary

Step 4)- Click either of the two options to get OTP for completing the registration process.

Step 5)- Enter The OTP and click on “Submit” button to verify the OTP. After successful verification of OTP, password screen will be opened to set the password for HRMS Employee Portal.

Step 6)- Enter password and confirm password, both must be same and User-ID will be your payeecode/ uniquecode (need not to enter it) and click on “Submit” button and you will get the message “User Registered Successfully” that means you are successfully registered on HRMS- Employee Portal.

Step 7)- Now, for login to site intrahry.gov.in, User-ID will be your payeecode/ uniquecode/ mobile number and password is the same which you have entered while doing registration.

Note- In case you forget your password to access this site, Use link “Forget Password” which you will see on the Login page of this site.