By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Jun 13, 2020 17:00 IST
Haryana Govt may offer 1.76 Lakh Smartphones to Students, Committee asks report within 15 Days

The Haryana State Committee has issued directions to officers to submit a report within the 15 days for appropriate solution in row to offer Smartphones to students. Haryana State Committee for Scheduled Caste and Backward Classes has called Government to offer 1.76 lakh smartphones to poor students and called for a report within 15 days from Department officers. However the decision on offering Smartphones will be on State Govt behalf. To facilitate Smartphones to Haryana State students especially poor who cannot join Govt launched Online Education drive, the report has been called. According to sources Haryana govt may offer Smartphones to students belonging to Scheduled Caste and Backward Class who are not in position to afford new smartphones for education.

During the Assembly meeting with Government, Haryana SC & ST Committee expressed its concern and issued directions to officers to help students from these categories urging state Government to facilitating Smatphones. Schools & other academic institutions in Haryana are shut due to Covid19 lockdown & very rare chances of re-opening before August 15.

In its report Haryana State Committee for the Welfare of Scheduled Caste and Backward Classes (Haryana SC/ BC) is soon going to take action in this direction as a section of students will remain untouched of Online Education & programmes running by state and Central Government. According to report in Haryana state there are nearly 22 lakh students are studying in State Government Schools & out of those about 60% are from SC & BC categories.

Counting the percentage nearly 1.76 Lakh students come under poor categories in state. Students belonging to said categories are untouched of Smartphones, Laptop & Computers, said Committee on Friday. The officers in the matter are asked to submit the report within 15 days.

Report within 15 Days-

As per the report the State Committee has asked Government to facilitate smartphones to students belonging to SC & BC categories. Nearly 1,76000 students are currently educating from Haryana Government schools. Addressing the issue of poor students Committee asked government to facilitate equipment to these students so they can avail services being offered to all students on per equality. Committee President Ishwar Singh asked Government to facilitate Smartphones to such students and called for a report within 15 days.

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haryana govt may offer smartphones

The State is running online education programme for students through EduSet, SwayamPrabha, TV Channels and even teachers are allotting school assignments through WhatsApp groups since April 15. All kind of academic activities, information and notices are being shared digitally with students.

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