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Haryana Distress Ration Coupons: Govt Scheme to provide Ration to EWF Non-Ration Card Families

Haryana government has decided to provide coupons to the economically weaker families who do not possess a ration card to avail the benefits of Public Distribution Scheme. The government is going to provide Ration free of cost including wheat at 5 kg per member of a family and pulses at 1 kg per family possessing a ration card. Same amount of goods will be given to families holding Distress Ration Tokens. Khattar Government on Saturday laid down the roadmap to distress people and migrant people living in Haryana.

Haryana Distress Ration Coupons

According to Haryana Government's decision to facilitate Ration to non-Ration Card holders, any family whose earning less than or equal to Rs.15000 per month is eligible to apply for Haryana Distress Ration Coupons and avail its benefits. The donations received as Covid- relief measures under Haryana Corona relief fund will be used to fund the same. The access to coupons will ensure sufficient supply of food grains to the poor families. There are  families who do not have ration cards like migrant families and many others who are not covered under PDS system. The scheme has been launched for such people to curb the impact of Covid-19. The scheme was proposed by Haryana Chief Minister, Manohar Lal Khattar in a meeting with other ministers via video conference.

In Haryana District wise local committees have been formed & are surveying door to door for Distress Ration Coupons facilitation. Local authorities are directed in every area who to survey every family and ask if they require any assistance in form of ration. The application of a family below poverty line and without a ration card needs to get approved by District Food & Civil Supplies Controller (DFSC). After approval, the application is given to the  nearest fair price shop and DRT to be issued to the family to get rations from the shops with the help of Distress Ration Coupon.

Haryana's Chief Minister, Manoharlal Khattar on this Saturday had a video conference with some government officials to analyse the distribution of ration among the poor. During the video conference, Cheif Minister ordered the Government officials to Provide each and every needy person the ration they need. He also asked the officials to take strict actions against the people  who illegitimate the free ration scheme and help the ones in need.  

The Chief Secretary, Keshni Anand Arora on the behalf of the government asked to follow the guidelines laid. The additional secretary of the Chief Minister V. Uma Shankar, also told that people who do not have ration card will also be getting rations. They will be provided coupons, which will help them to gain ration from the ration shops.

Haryana Distress Ration Coupons

For the distribution of ration, around 8lakh households have been surveyed and out of them 1.35 lakh households do not have ration card. The government has decided to provide the 'Distress Ration Card' to these 1.35lakh households so that they can easily avail the ration from the shops. For this, the committee has been divided into four Divisions which are the district committee, zonal committee, sector committee and local committee.

The government of Haryana has also Launched 'help me' application for the people. The application contains data of ration shops, banks, Also they can get home delivery of ration and medication through this app. The app is available on android play store for the people to download.

Haryana govt Distress ration tokens

  • Haryana Govt has assigned different zone level committee for identifying families.
  • Nearly 1.5 lakh families will be benefited from these Distress Ration Coupons, Govt sources

Second method to apply for DRT is by calling at the call centers for food directly to access it. The Aadhar Card number has to be given by the beneficiary after which the operator will check if the beneficiary possesses a ration card or not. After making sure that the family does not possessa ration card, then the application will be finalized for the  issue of DRT.

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