29 May 2020, 10:19 am By Rohit Sindhu
Haryana-Delhi Border Sealed, state Minister issues new Order in wake of Covid19 cases

The order is likely to make the movement of people travelling across the borders without valid permission tougher.Haryana districts adjoining Delhi, state’s Home Minister Anil Vij issued fresh orders for sealing borders with the national capital. Due to sharp increase in Covid19 cases in districts adjeccent to Delhi after reopening of borders, the decision to seal borders with Delhi is taken, said state Health Minister Anil Vij.

In his interaction with media, Health Minister Vij said- I have again issued orders today that in the districts adjoining Delhi, no leniency should be shown and borders should be sealed. Vij cited that in Haryana state eighty per cent of our coronavirus cases are from the districts adjoining Delhi. Therefore, we are maintaining strictness on our borders with the national capital and keeping these sealed.

Haryana-Delhi Border Sealed?

Among major hit districts of Haryana Gurgaon, Faridabad, Sonipat and Jhajjar have turned four worst-hit districts accounting for a majority of 1,504 infection cases in the state. State Minister however, in an order said barring the categories exempted by the Delhi High Court and the Centre, the state borders for others will remain completely sealed. The districts bordering Delhi are witnessing a sharp increase in the number of cases, which is a matter of concern," Vij, who is also the state health minister, told reporters.

Delhi-Gurugram Border- People in large numbers gather at Delhi-Gurugram border; Haryana Govt yesterday sealed borders with Delhi in wake of increasing number of Covid19 cases-

Haryana Delhi border sealed

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On Thursday, Gurgaon reported 68 fresh cases followed by 18 in Faridabad and four in Sonipat. The total cases in Gurgaon are 405, Faridabad 276, Sonipat 180 and Jhajjar 97, as per State Health Minister data. In Haryana state so far total 1381 cases have been reported Covid19 positive, 838 of which have been discharged or cured and 18 people have lost their lives, as per MOHFW

Earlier Delhi High Court ordered Haryana State Government to open borders attached with Delhi, in view of essential services supply. However High Court left the decision on State Government.

Source- One India