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Haryana cancels Chinese Rapid Testing Kits, orders Korean in Half price, Anil Vij

On Wednesday (22 April, 2020), Haryana’s Health Minister Anil Vij announced the cancellation of the order of testimg kits from two Chinese firms. Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij gave statement in front of media that, Harayana Govt who ordered Chinese firms to supply Rapid Testing Kits, has cancelled after ICMR found faults in Chinese kits. Minister added that in half of prices what Chinese companies were asking, Harayana has now ordered Rapid Testing Kits from South Korea in half of prices.

Haryana cancels Chinese Rapid testing kits Order

‘We had placed orders for 1.1 lakh testing kits from 2 Chinese firms which has been cancelled. We've placed fresh orders for 1 lakh kits from South Korea out of which we've received 25,000 kits. Prices of these kits are half compared to Chinese kits’, Vij said. The kits ordered from China costed Rs. 780 each, almost twice the price quoted by South Korea's SD Biosensor (Rs. 380), said the state government sources.

By changing the companies, the government is set to save Rs 4 crore by choosing the cheaper alternative. 'We ordered Chinese kits when the state government decided to conduct mass Covid-19 tests,' said Haryana Health Minister. He also added that the kits ordered were overpriced. Now, we have decided to procure these kits from the South Korean firm’, stated the minister to the personnel of ANI. The South Korean kits have been approved by both the ICMR and the NIV, Pune.

The ICMR on Tuesday has also asked the states to stop using rapid antibody tests procured from China for two days after complaints emerged of a large variation in their accuracy. Addressing the current situation of the infection, Vij stated that the doubling r ate of Covid-19 cases is 14 days in Haryana as against 7.5 days on the national level. The recovery rate is 57% in Haryana as compared to 16% (average) across India and the government is working well in the direction of suppressing and eliminating the infection.

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