10 times Komal Pandey looked aesthetic wearing western outfits with ethnic twists

Komal Pandey is an Indian Fashion Blogger and YouTuber with more than one million subscribers on her official Instagram handle. Here I am presenting you with Komal's western outfits with ethnic twists.

By Bandana Singh, Updated : Nov 06, 2020 17:02 IST
10 times Komal Pandey looked aesthetic wearing western outfits with ethnic twists
Image Source: Komal Pandey Instagram Handle

Komal Pandey is an Indian Fashion Blogger and YouTuber who started blogging with over 2000 followers on Instagram. Today she has more than one million followers on her Instagram account. Whenever we talk about fashion and outfits, she is the pro as she knows how to dress like a queen.

As we know the festive season is around the corner, you can get the best outfits inspiration from the diva herself. Here I am presenting you the 10 outfits of Komal Pandey in which she looked aesthetic like a queen wearing western outfits with ethnic twists. 

Komal Pandey in an orange dress

I just cannot take my eyes off her, she made this simple outfit very classy by using her necklace as a belt. Only she can do that. Bringing affordable fashion needs to the rescue, only Komal does that and she has done this job amazingly. She is wearing silver earrings to make the outfit more ethnic. 

Komal Pandey wearing a bikini top as a blouse

 Komal never fails to amaze us with her dressing styles. It is one of the best Diwali outfits one can wear to make the heads turn. She is wearing a green blouse with a yellow skirt/lehenga and carrying an embroidered yellow dupatta, to add more twist to it she has worn a heavy neckpiece with her hair tied at back.   

Komal Pandey wearing saree as a dhoti skirt 

It cannot get more alluring with Komal Pandey as she is slaying this classy look. She has brought more life to this outfit and we have got to say that no one can do it better than her. If you scroll down her Instagram feed there will be dozens of takeaway looks you can get inspired from, be it ethnic look or western look, she is best at everything she does. 

Komal Pandey wearing a bralette as a blouse 

Those days are gone when old-age customary saree draping was necessary for women in our culture. This generation percolated various saree draping styles and Komal Pandey is the living example of it serving vogue to the gorgeous silver earrings she is wearing with chikankari saree.  

Komal Pandey wearing a saree with a neon orange bikini top

To achieve the perfect balance of looking alluring and appealing you have to feel comfortable in whatever you wear. Komal Pandey is wearing a neon orange bikini top with bush pink printed saree. To add more contrast to the outfit, she is wearing a blue layered neckpiece. She is looking breathtaking gorgeous even in this simple outfit. You can wear this outfit on various occasions such as family dinners, kitty parties, etc.

Komal Pandey
Komal Pandey wearing a head chain

 This outfit is a perfect example of a modern desi girl outfit. Komal is wearing a silver-gold saree with a shimmery silver blouse with white stripes belt and a silver head chain. You can adapt this outfit for Diwali to give a glam look in this festive season. If you follow Komal Pandey on daily basis, you should know that she loves saree and she does dozens of experiments by recycling one piece of cloth. 

Komal Pandey wearing a saree like a skirt 

How much pink is too much pink? This woman exceeds every boundary of fashion and always set the bar so high. There is a reason why she is one of the most loved and successful fashion bloggers and YouTubers of India. Komal is wearing a silk saree like a skirt with a green bikini top. She is wearing a blazer to give a more classy look to the overall outfit. This outfit is perfect for Diwali season as some of you might feel cold and the idea of a blazer can save you. 

Komal Pandey in Bohemian look 

Komal Pandey knows how to combine glam and minimal together in one outfit. She is wearing a floral black top with a printed designed skirt to give an overall bohemian look. Her entire look has definitely caught the attention and most of us cannot have enough of it. This outfit is a great takeaway for any occasion. 

Komal Pandey
Komal Pandey wearing a printed top like a blouse

One of the styles which never goes out of style would be the printed saree. You can do millions of fashion experiments by using one piece of printed saree. Few of us think print does not go with a print, but here you can see too much print is nothing for this diva and somehow she has still managed to pull it off. To achieve a more balanced look she worn a bedazzling piece of jewelry with green beads in it. 

Komal Pandey
Komal Pandey in a ruffled saree

Last but not least, get your glam game on with Komal Pandey. After seeing this look who thinks that a saree is just a piece of cloth, and one can make millions of outfits from it. Komal is wearing a ruffled saree with a bikini top. She is wearing a scallop hem net jacket. This look is totally inspiring for this Diwali season. 

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