07 May 2020, 11:13 am By Rohit Sindhu
UP 69000 Teachers Result may Delay! Shikshamitra planning to move Supreme Court

The wait may be longer for 69,000 Teachers bharti Result as a section of students planning to move Supreme Court over Allahabad High Court’s decision. As per sources preparations have begun to challenge the High Court’s verdict on 60-65% Cut off in the Supreme Court and soon Shikamitras can approach the Supreme Court. In such a situation, the further process of 69,000 Teachers recruitment in Uttar Pradesh state may delay. The decision on result & counseling in that situation will depend on the approach of the Supreme Court, said a report.

In 69,000 Teachers bharti a total of 26 appeals were filed against the Cut off decision to alter to 60-65% from 40-45%. Even the candidates were divided into two groups. Shikshamitra was in favor of 40 and 45 per cent minimum cut off while one section was mobilized for 60-65% minimum cut off.

UP 69000 Teachers Result may Delay

After the Allahabad High court’s decision in 69000 Teachers bharti the result is said to announce shortly and the order is to complee the recruitment in three months. At the same time, this decision has disappointed Shikshamitras and an other section of students who seek to move Supreme Court over decision on Cut off. If the case moves to Supreme Court there would be further delay in Result, added a source.  

On Wednesday the Allahabad High Court announced the decision to keep 60-65% cut off for Reserved & General categories has been ordered. The decision brought an atmosphere of sorrow for Shikshamitras and other a section of students.

As per brief discussion with a student Dinesh Kumar, he said that the double bench has given a decision in favor of the government, in which the teacher recruitment examination is said to be passed only if the reserved category is 60 percent marks and for the unreserved 65 percent marks. But thousands of students falling within the range of 40-45% cut off are disappointed.
At the same time, Shikshamitra leader Neeraj Kumar said that the single bench proved the government's decision wrong but the double bench has accepted the government's decision as correct, but we will not give up.

up 69000 teachers result may delay

The decision of the High Court's double bench on 69 thousand teachers recruitment came on Wednesday. Due to the decision of the High Court, about 1100 teachers of the district feared loosing their stand again. Shiksha Mitras have decided to challenge the High Court's decision in the Supreme Court.

Shikshamitras planning to move Supreme Court

After the decision of the High Court on the recruitment examination of 69000 teachers across the state on one hand more than 20 thousand students got relief and on other thousands of Shikshamitras are disappointed and seeking way to Supreme Court.
Shikamitra will move to the Supreme Court with the copy of the judgment. He told the teachers of the district not to be disappointed. Be patient, they will definitely win from the Supreme Court.  

There are about 20,000 students in both the above mentioned divisions who were falling within the minimum cut off of 60-65 percent prescribed by the government whereas the number of students falling in the cut off of 40-45 percent is above 50 thousand in nine districts.

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69000 Teachers Result

Under the recruitment examination of 69000 teachers, the decision of single bench came in favor of the students fighting against the cut off, but the government challenged it and went to the double bench. Wednesday's decision has come in the government's favor, a student said. In such a situation, it is certain that the students fighting against the cut off of 60-65 percent will approach the Supreme Court. Shikshamitra has already expressed his intention to go to the Supreme Court if the decision is not in favor. In such a situation, it is expected that soon Shiksha Mitra will go to the Supreme Court against this decision. In this situation, students may have to wait a few months more for this recruitment.