CBSE Class 12 Board Result Evaluation Criteria: 30% of Class 10 & 11 and 40% of Class 12 Weightage

Supreme Court is hearing today pleas relating to Class 12 exams of CBSE, ICSE & State Boards. CBSE & ICSE are expected to inform the Apex court about the alternate mode of assessment for Class 12 results 2021 evaluation.

By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Jun 17, 2021 11:37 IST
CBSE Class 12 Board Result Evaluation Criteria: 30% of Class 10 & 11 and 40% of Class 12 Weightage
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A Bench of Justices AM Khanwilkar and Dinesh Maheshwari starts hearing the pleas relating to Class 12 exams of CBSE, ICSE & State Boards. CBSE & ICSE are have tabled their alternate mode of assessment for Class 12 results 2021 evaluation in front of the Supreme Court bench.

CBSE submitted its evaluation criteria before Supreme Court for awarding grades/marks for Class XII exams. For class X & XI, marks in the best of 3 from 5 papers in term exams will be considered. For Class XII, marks obtained in unit, term & practicals will be taken into account.

CBSE told the Supreme Court that the Class XII results will be decided on the basis of performance in Class 10 (30% weightage), Class 11 (30% weightage) & Class 12 (40% weightage).

Class 12 Board Exams 2021: Supreme Court proceedings-

Bench: We have the scheme formulated by CBSE and ICSE. We want them to explain it.

Singh: I am in favour of examination. Please permit me to say a few words. Bench: If you want to appear, you’ll be free to do so under the scheme. Your option is not exhausted.

Singh: Scheme hasn’t come into the public domain. Bench: It’s on record before us. Those who want to go for improvisation of marks, that option is also open.

Singh: Only difficulty is that whatever they’ve said is not in public domain. Cases have reduced. 12th is a crucial examination.

Bench: Option is there under the scheme.

Singh: Please direct for the scheme to be given to us. Bench: Petitioners have been served. Other applicants have been served. We have no difficulty if you want to go through it.

Bench: First CBSE will explain it. Then we will go to the ICSE scheme. We will GI scheme-wise. Each scheme is different, the format is different. They will explain it.

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Attorney-General KK Venugopal comes and sets to explain the policy.

AG: For this purpose, CBSE has taken three classes - 10, 11, and 12. 10 is the Board exam. The subjects are different from 11 and 12.

AG: With regard to 11, they have taken each one of the exams - unit, term exam, or any other exam which has been held. They’ve had the final exam. The marks are similar and are averaged out.

AG: The result preparation committee comprises two of the most senior-most teachers. If necessary, an expert will be invited. Mark distribution would be as follows-

  • They have practicals as well. Which are for 100%. 30 questions each for 10, 11 are taken as weightage. For 12, 40% is taken as weightage.
  • Then we come to class 11, which is 70%. The same thing will happen with a maximum being 24. For 10, it will be 80. For class 12, 40% will be taken.
  • So, for 12, the maximum will be 32. 12 is an important exam. Practical is 100. The total, for 12, if you take 32 and 24, it will come to 56.

This committee will be the moderation committee. 3 years back there would not have been the anxiety to push the child to get certain marks.

AG is again reading from the scheme on the topic of weightage for theory, as well as the constitution of the result preparation committee.

AG reads that the internal performance of the school will be taken on an average to ensure standardization. He submits that the historical performance of the school will be taken as a reference.

Aggarwal: We have already shared our new address. Court: The thing is are we missing the wood for the trees? Mr. Prasad, the least that is expected is that the Trial Court will deal with the issue with alacrity.

Prasad: The bail bond was given at 4.10 pm.

Aggarwal: If by not completing the verification process they want to get time to go to the Supreme Court they can say that, but the order of this court must be implemented.

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