By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Aug 06, 2020 14:06 IST
WBPSC New Exam Calendar 2020-21: WBJS on September 20 and Clerkship exam on Sept 27

The West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC) has released new exam calendar 2020-21 for forthcoming recruitment & competitive examinations in West Bengal. Resuming examinations from 3rd September 2020, WBPSC has decided to conduct Motor Vehicle Inspector MVI Transport Department examination on 3rd Sept, 2020. Along with the MVI advt no 32/2019 exam, Librarian, Dialysis Technician and Agriculture Marketing Officer post examinations will be held on Sept 3, in multiple shifts. 

According to newly released WBPSC exam calendar, West Bengal Judicial Services (JS) exam will be held on 20 September 2020, Clerkship Part II examination on 27 Sept and WBCS main 2020 exam is scheduled on 20 December. WBPSC Commission says that the dates indicated in the WBPSC new exam calendar are tentative & subject to change due to lockdown or Govt decision impeding conduct of exams, notice reads.

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West Bengal Public Service Commission released new exam calendar after assessment of holding pending examinations, left-over exams in view of COVID pandemic. Here is the schedule (revised) of West Bengal state recruitment & competitive examinations scheduled between Sept 2020 and February 2021-

WBPSC Exam Calendar 2020-21

MVI (NT) of Transport Department (32/2019): 03/09/2020 (1st shift)

Librarian Govt. Engineering & Technology Colleges under Higher Education Dept (17/2019): 03/09/2020 (2nd shift)

Librarian Govt. Colleges under Higher Education Dept (advt 23/2019): 03/09/2020 (2nd shift)

Dialysis Technician of ESI Hospitals under Labour Deptt (15/2019): 03/09/2020 (2nd shift)

Agricultural Marketing Officer (Training and Canning) (14/2019): 03/09/2020 (2nd shift)

Scientific Assistant Chemical, of B0iler Dte under Labour Deptt (25/2019): 03/09/2020 (2nd shift)

Udyan Palan Proyukti Sahayak under FPI & H Dept (35/2019): 04/09/2020 (1st shift)

Asst. Director of Horticulture Under FPI&H Dept. 4(1)/2020: 04/09/2020 (2nd shift)

Asst. Town Planner under UD&MA Deptt (26/2019): 04/09/2020 (2nd shift)

Welfare Officer under Correctional Administration Deptt 31/2019: 04/09/2020 (2nd shift)

Fitter, Helper of B0iler Dte under Labour Deptt. 25/2019: 04/09/2020 (2nd shift)

Lab Attendant of Boiler Dte under Labour Deptt. 25/2019: 04/09/2020 (2nd shift)

ICDS Supervisor (on Promotion from AW workers) 19/09 & 20/09/2020 (2nd shift)

WBJS Exam 2020 (Preliminary) (12/2020): 20/09/2020 (mid)

Clerkship Examination,2019 Part-II (05/2019): 27/09/2020 (1st shift)

ICDS (Supervisor) Main 8/2019: 10/10/2020 & 11/10/2020 (Both shifts)

Lab Assistant of Govt Polytechnics (01/2020): 17/10/2020 (both shifts)

Asst Engineer (AI/AM ) under WRI & D Deptt 37/2019: 17/10/2020 (1st shift)

Asst Engineer (Mech/ Elec) under PHE Deptt 3/2020: 18/10/2020 (both)

Asst Superintendent (Non Medical) of ESI Hospitals under Labour Department 33/2019: 18/10/2020 (2nd shift)

Geo Physical Assistant under WRI & D Deptt 38/2019: 18/10/2020 (2nd shift)

District Organiser, Physical Education under School Education Deptt 06/2020: 18/10/2020 (2nd shift)

Botanist in the Dte of Cinchona under FPI & H Deptt 19/2019: 18/10/2020 (2nd shift)

MIS Coordinator, Mid-Day Meal 36/2019: 18/10/2020 (2nd shift)

Ward Master Grade-III of ESI Hospitals under Labour Deptt. 24/2019: 21/11/2020 (1st shift)

Workshop Instructor under TeT Deptt 2/2020: 22/11/2020 (both)

WBJS Examination, 2020 Main 12/2020: 28/11/2020- 06/12/2020 (both)

Asst Professor, Govt Degree Colleges/ Teachers Training Colleges 29/2019: 13/12/2020 (both)

WBCS (Exe) etc Exam 2020 Main (22/2019): 19/12/2020 – 26/12/2020 (both)

Instructor ITI under TeT Deptt 5/2020: 27/12/2020 (both)

Inspector of Legal Metrology under Consumer Affairs Deptt. 08/2020: 03/01/2021 (1st shift)

WBA&AS Exam 2019 Main 28/2019: From 16/01/2021 to 22/01/2021 (both)

Geologist under IC & E Deptt 07/2020: 24/01/2021 (1st shift)

Mining Officer under IC&E Deptt 07/2020: 24/01/2021 (1st shift)

Preparatory School Mistress of Victoria Boys School under School Education Deptt 09/2020: 24/01/2021 (1st shift)

WBCS (Exe) 2021 (Preliminary): 07/02/2021 (1st shift)

MSRE Main Exam 2019 (13/2019): 21/02/2020 (both)

Note- The West Bengal Public Service Commission cannot guarantee strict adherence to such dates, not withstanding its best effort to maintain those, and shall not be held responsible for any losses, pecuniary or otherwise, arising out of presumption of such dates being accurate. Notification announcing actual date of examinations will be published in due course at the Commission website as well as Newspapers.

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