By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Jul 23, 2020 15:52 IST
University Final Exams: Students try to reach out PM Modi over final exams, file petition

A petition has been started by Final year students who are opposing UGC guidelines for holding Final year examinations across Universities. The students of the final year are trying to reach the prime minister for his interference in conducting the university final exams risking their lives. The petition is launched by final year students over demand for withdrawal of UGC Guidelines on University final year exams. Citing the health crises due to an increase in Covid19 cases, students are demanding cancellation of final year/ semester exams & launched an online petition on After the 1000 signatures the petition to be submitted to the prime minister Modi over canceling final year exams. Final year students from several Universities joined the petition and try to approach Prime Minister over their demand

The petition is started at in Online mode by Joint Forum for Movement on Education (JFME) a report published in Times Now reads. The petition after getting a total of 1000 signatures would be submitted to the prime minister Modi, it adds. The students have been protesting over the UGC's decision for holding final term exams in Universities/ colleges even during the rising risk of Covid19 infection, as more than 1 million cases have been reported across the country. Students from Telangana & other states joined the online petition expressing their unwillingness over UGC's decision to conduct final year exams.

According to the report an online petition has been launched by JFME asking for the cancellation of final year examinations across all universities. The students are quite unhappy over UGC guidelines allowing Universities to conduct final exams and have decided to reach Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On Thursday, students launched the petition on twitter, with an aim to approach PM Modi for his intervention in the matter. Earlier on Wednesday UGC had replied to Delhi High Court over its revised guidelines for final exams. Citing the importance of degree with final year examination, UGC said that final year examinations are very important for the credibility of Degree. High Court asked to submit the Kuhad Committee report by July 24.

Among the related developments, Delhi High Court is also hearing the matter of holding University examinations in DU. Whereas, the Delhi Government has scrapped all exams in state-run Universities/ Colleges. Maharashtra government has also approached the Supreme Court over UGC's decision on final exams. Several states have also favored examinations.

UGC has also released a report communicating the number of Universities & Higher Educational Institutions which have conducted or in the process to hold final year exams. Several states have also favored UGC and have announced to hold final year examinations by September end.

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In an online filed petition, it is stated that UGC cannot provide students with fresh and safe air along with equal opportunities to all students. The petition also focuses on the online mode of exams to be a more viable solution to the problem. But both the exam modes have their own issues. "Other forms of credible and meaningful assessment like internal/continuous assessment and/or average scores of past semesters would meet the criteria of fairness and integrity better," reads the petition. The petition is filed hours after five students in Karnataka SSLC examinations found Covid19 positive.