By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Jun 25, 2020 14:15 IST
Promote B.Tech & MBA Students without holding Exam, UGC asks Colleges

The University Grant Commission (UGC) has announced that according to new guidelines students of B.Tech and MBA courses are also to be promoted on Internals and last Semester performance basis. As per laid down new guidelines UGC asked Engineering & MBA Colleges to promote students without holding exams in view of Covid19. The guidelines will also be applicable for B.Tech & MBA students, said UGC in its statement.  

On Thursday UGC in its new guidelines has announced to exempt all students from Colleges, Universities across country from final year/ semester examinations in reviewing the unfavourable situation over deadly virus. Through its newly released guidelines UGC on Thursday said to promote all students of Final year, last semester without holding exams. University recommended the 50% weightage of Internal marks and 50% weightage of last semester/ year exams, as combined score for exams cancelled due to Coronavirus.

In meeting UGC decided not to conduct examinations for University and Colleges across the country and to promote students on Internal marks & Last Sem/ Year performance basis. However, several Engineering Colleges have asked UGC to conduct Online examinations.

Based on a report, UGC has suggested all Colleges, Universities including Engineering and Business institutions to promote students according to new guidelines. All students of UG, PG (Humanities, Social Sciences, Commerce, IT, Science, Business Administration, Engineering) are approved to be promoted according to their Internal & last semester/ year performance basis.

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promote btech mba students without holding exam

The decision of UGC is applicable for all First, Second, Third, Final year/ Final semester students in respective fields. Now after the new guidelines issued by UGC, those examinations scheduled in June-July are likely stand cancelled.  

Architecture, Pharmacy & Medical Council yet to take decision- Based on a report, UGC has floated new guidelines for promoting students without holding examinations. In view of this Councils including Medical Council of India (MCI), Pharmacy and Architecture are yet to take final decision on holding examinations online or promoting students directly as per laid down UGC new guidelines

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