By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Jun 30, 2020 13:15 IST
DU OBE Exam Step-by-Step Guide! Learn details in just 6 simple steps

The University of Delhi has released Online Open Book Examination Semester July-2020 date sheet of mock test. Mock Test for Online OBE is going to begin from July 4 onwards at DU Exam Portal as details mentioned in date sheet. In the same row Delhi University has released step-by-step guide on OBE exams. Students can learn simply in just six steps on what to do for taking Online OBE Exams mock test with instructions and note. Here is the step-by-step guide for using DU Portal for OBE Exams-

  • Mock Test Link shall be active for students from 04-07-2020 to 08-07-2020

Step 1) One Time Self Registration to DU Portal- The students appearing for the examinations are required to register herself/himself on the DU portal. Initially, the students are required to fill in basic details like Name, Enrolment number (optional), Programme name, Date of birth, Examination roll number, registered E-mail or mobile phone number.

On submission of the above details, the students will receive a password on their registered E-mail/Mobile number. Students for the first time will require to insert password to login to the portal. Students can login with their Examination roll number and password to locate the mock test paper.

Step 2) On the Date of Final OBE Examination- Students are required to login to the examination portal with their Examination roll number and password at least 30 minutes prior to the start of their examination.  

Once the student login to the portal, a clock on the students’ screen will display the time left in for opening of the question paper.

Students should read the instructions printed on the question paper for which they are appearing.  

The Question Paper download button will be visible in the beginning of examination. The Question paper will be released on the portal at the commencement of a particular session of examination as per the date-sheet released by DU.  

Students are required to click on the download button to download the question paper on the Desktop/Laptop/Phone and can also take the printout, if required either at his/her home or at Common Service Centre (CSC) on the day of examination.  

If in any case, a student faces any difficulty in downloading the question paper from the portal, she/or he may request her/his college/department to get the same on her/his designated e-mail or phone number.

Step 3) Time Tracking - The total duration of the examination shall be of three hours (for all students except Divyaang) which will include two hours for answering the questions and one additional hour for IT related activities such as downloading the question paper, scanning and uploading the answer sheets.

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The Exam duration for the Divyaang students shall be of five hours which will include two hours for answering the questions, one hour for IT related activities (downloading the question paper, scanning and uploading the answer sheets), extra time of 20 minutes per hour i.e. 1/3 of the prescribed duration of the OBE and further one hour above all as a special provision.  

Step 4) Answering the Question Paper- Students will write the answers to the questions on A-4 size white papers in own handwriting (ruled or plain). The answers are to be written using black or blue pen only.  

Students will write their Name, Program Name, Semester, Examination Roll Number, Unique Paper Code, Paper title, Date and Time of Examination on the first sheet used for answers.  

Students should use separate sheets to answer each question, since answer sheets are to be uploaded on the Portal question wise so that evaluation can be conducted smoothly.

Step 5) Uploading of Answer Sheets- The students will scan the written pages of the answers question-wise as one file and upload the same question-wise after completion of the examination. For each question, student can upload single file (scanned all sheets together for each question) or multiple files (Scanned individual sheets for each question). For this student will be provided with an upload feature (Multiple uploads) against each Question.  

To upload the answer sheet, the student will log in to the examination portal and select the tab “Upload Answers”. Once the answer sheets are uploaded, no further changes can be made.

Step 6) Answer Sheet Submission- Once the students upload all the scanned answer sheets against their respective questions, they should click the button for the UFM declaration and a confirmation for submission and log out from the portal. On successful submission of the answer sheets the students will be notified via email/SMS.

Note on DU OBE Mock Test- Students can appear in any paper (I to XV) as per schedule for practice with the procedure of Mock test including downloading of question papers, writing of answers on white sheets either on the plain or ruled sheets (A4 size), scanning of answer sheets and uploading of answer sheets on the portal. For detailed information candidate should visit exam portal

Online OBE Duration-The duration for examination is two hours only and one hour in addition is permissible for downloading question papers, scanning and uploading of Answer sheets. The Total duration shall be Three (03) hours. However, 05 hours are applicable for students belonging to Divyang (PWD) category.