By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 05, 2020 13:12 IST
Three IAF Personnel under quarantine, One of them visited Nizamuddin area traced Delhi Police

It is reported that three Indian Air Force personnel have been sent to precautionary quarantine as one of them visited the Nizamuddin Area in March. An IAF personal had visited the Nizamuddin Area where Markaz gathering took place and two personnel who came in his contact also sent to precautionary quarantine, IAF spokesperson said. Taking a precautionary measure IAF on Sunday sent all three IAF personnel to quarantine for 14 days. Delhi Police yesterday traced the IAF personnel through Mobile tracking and then the matter came into highlights.

This seems the third incidence in Armed Forces or Para Military forces in which Coronavirus has been found. Earlier Covid19 positive cases reported in CRPF personnel and CISF personnel and personnel have recovered now.
Three IAF Personnel under quarantine.

Three IAF Personnel under quarantine

Total three personnel of the Indian Air Force (IAF) are under a precautionary quarantine presently as one of them had visited the Nizamuddin area around the same time the Tablighi Jamaat meeting was happening there last month, an IAF spokesperson said. Delhi Police through Mobile tracking traced the IAF personnel who was in that area during Markaz gathering, though he attended or not is yet to be ascertained.

As spokesperson conveyed an IAF person had gone to the Nizamuddin area around the same time this Jamaat meeting was taking place. Whether he attended this Jamaat meeting or not is under investigation by the Indian Air Force. Later the person came in contact with two other Air Force personnel. Spokesperson said that though all three of them are asymptomatic but as precautionary decision all three IAF personnel have been sent under quarantine right now.

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Delhi Police traced the IAF personnel via Mobile tracking whose location was found in Nizamuddin area during Markaz event.
Recently from the Diamonding area Hundreds of Tablighi Jamaat peoe were evicted. It is also found that nearly 22,000 Tablighi Jamaat members and their primary contacts are under quarantine across the country. In March month amid nationwide lockdown ignoring the warnings thousands of Tablighi Jamaat members gathered in Nizamuddin Markaz and several of them found Covid19 positive in recent days, report said.

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