By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 09, 2020 16:18 IST
Safdarjung Hospital's plea for PPEs, masks & hand sanitizers donation found rumour

The Resident Doctors Association of Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and Hospital, Safdarjung put a plea for the donation of huge amount of PPEs, masks and hand sanitizers in a message which was viral on Monday, found fake. Conveying through the notice Association was put plea for the donation of 50000 PPE kits (Hazmat suits), 50000 N95 masks along with additional 300000 triple layer masks and 10000 bottles of hand sanitizer. Facing a quite huge deficit of medical equipment during treatment of COVID19 patients RDA Association of Safdarjung Hospital put plea on social media. Further the donation request was found false and there were no shortage of equipment in Hospital, RDA Association clarified.

On Monday Association Doctor citing the urgent requirement intimated through plea about the requisites PPE kits, N95 masks, triple layer masks and hand sanitizer. In notice it is asked to fill the requirement of medical equipment in urgent in Safdarjung Hospital. But there was no such notice issued by RDA and the circulated message was found rumour, RDA Safdarjung clarified.

Safdarjung Hospital's plea for PPEs Masks 'a rumour'

Safdarjung Hospital Doctors citing the Staff’s urgent requirement of equipment as Hospital is among one of the major Covid19 treatment centre in Delhi. Association elaborated having 2000 medical staff, 500 Medical faculty and 1700 resident Doctors is in dire need of equipment like PPEs, Masks and Hand Sanitizer.  

In treatment of COVID19 patients Safdarjung Hospital has turned entire 807 bedded super speciality block as Covid19 block and is one of the nodal Covid19 treatment centre in Delhi.

It is conveyed through Resident Doctors Association’s plea that Hospital asks for donation of PPEs, masks and sanitizer all volunteers, Central Government, Organizations and dignitaries whoever come forth. Plea cited following Hospital's urgent requirements-

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Fake Notice


  • PPE kits- 50,000
  • N95 masks- 50,000
  • Triple layer masks- 3,00,000
  • Hand Sanitizer (500 ml bottles)- 10,000

It is also asked to donate the aforesaid equipment and consumables in as much amount as feasible and donation should be done through-The office of Medical Superintendent, VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi 110029.

Clarification from Residence Doctors Association

Later clarifying the message, RDA Safdarjung Hospital found that there is no shortage of any medical equipment and that was rumour.


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