By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : May 08, 2020 03:47 IST
Rahul Gandhi interacted with Raghuram Rajan, 65,000 Cr needed for Poor, former RBI Governor

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi interacted with the former RBI chief to discuss the economic crisis the country is caught into and the measures to be taken to revive the economy back to normal. RBI chief, Raghuram Rajan said that the country will need Rs. 65,000 crores to help the poor bearing the brunt of the lockdown and to ensure the sufficient availability of food grains.

'We will need Rs 65,000 crore, it is not that much, this is to save the lives of the poor,' former RBI Governor Rajan said when asked by Gandhi about the money needed to help the poor. Raghuram Rajan also said that further extension if lockdown will have a severe impact on the economy leading to many industries getting shut down. The economy is already suffering because all industries are at a standstill.

Rahul Gandhi interacted with Raghuram Rajan

Noting that it was all too easy to have a lockdown forever, Rajan said: 'We need to be cleverer in lifting the lockdown. We need to open up in a measured way as India does not have capacity to feed people for long. We have to manage the reopening so when there are cases we isolate them.' Rahul Gandhi will be holding a series of such discussions with several economists to discuss  the path to recovery. The step is seen by many as an indication of Gandhi's return to the position of Congress chief. In addition to this, Gandhi will also conduct conferences with doctors on how to remain healthy and fight against this pandemic.

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Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi asked Raghuram Rajan, 'Will there be a strategic benefit for India post-Covid-19?'. Rajan says, 'There are ways countries can take advantage of the situation. There will be rethinking. In this situation India can find opportunities for Its industry.' On being asked about the authoritarian model, Rajan said, 'It's appealing to the people who are disempowered and it gives them the sense that here is a strong figure and you will be taken care of.'

Highlights of Rahul Gandhi's interaction with Rajan-

  • India can find opportunity for its industry and supply chain in world: can help make its voice heard in global order: Rajan to Rahul Gandhi
  • India needs Rs 65,000 crore to feed the poor during pandemic and can afford to do that, said Dr Raghuram Rajan in dialogue with Rahul Gandhi
  • There will have to be rethinking on everything in global economy once we are out of this pandemic: Rajan to Rahul Gandhi
  • India can help mould dialogue post-pandemic to make space for multi-polar global order, said ex RBI governor Rajan
  • Social harmony is a public good; we cannot afford to have our houses divided in times when challenges are big, said former RBI Gov Rajan to Rahul Gandhi

Source- PTI

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