By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 02, 2020 10:20 IST
Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 (Key Highlights): Students-PM Q&A, message to Parents & Teachers

Prime minister Narendra Modi's face to face interaction with students from all across India at Talkatora stadium was an endeavor lose to his heart and he labels it as ‘non-filter’. Shaping the purpose of the programme ‘to ensure students to relieve their exam stress’ PM Modi interacted with students. PM Modi shared his valuable suggestions with students who joined from all corners of country. During ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ PM also interacted with teachers and parents.

About 2,000 students, teachers and parents participated in this program. Out of these, 1,050 students were selected through essay competition. 

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 Highlights

On Monday morning initially PM reached the exhibition site of paintings made by students and appreciated the students at Talkatora Indoor Stadium. Pariksha pe Charcha 2020 programme started at 11 pm on Monday and was also telecasted live at several DD channels, FM Radio and also on YouTube channel of BJP Party. Based on data collected across all corners of country the programme was telecasted. It was heard and watched closely by students, parents and teachers, reported organizing source.

Pariksha Pe Charcha marveled at t­he spirited students who exhibited confidence and felt a connection with all the questions which echoed the mood and apprehension of students preparing for exams.

Students from across India participated in this programme making it a platform for youth to exchange their ideas and interaction in a healthy environment for intellectual growth. They interact and share their apprehensions, they experience diversity first hand and feel connected.

Extensive preparations are done by MHRD to facilitate participation of students from Kendriya Vidyalayas, Navodaya Vidyalayas from across the country.

Pariksha Pe Charcha’s Moto: ‘Reach each school’

Schools screened live streaming of the programme watched by students throughout teh country. The programme is an effective counseling and motivational session which addresses students anxieties. Students feel empowered and being identified at national level. It boosts their self esteem and they feel being heard through voice of others.

A student of Kendriya Vidyalaya related his experience of watching the live streaming program along with whole school-' It was as if we were celebrating exams. We felt our innermost fears and anxieties being heard and solved. We felt relieved and kept talking about the issues raised even after the program ended. Our teachers always say these things but hearing it in such natural form from PM himself felt even more reassuring'.

Students who came to Talkatora Stadium from all parts of India- from Meghalaya to Andaman and Nicobar, from Ladakh to Kerala, where taken on a tour of the capital a day before. These participants will be the torch bearers of positivism and lead the crusade of fight against stress of exams. The program became a success because of contribution from teachers, parents and students. This unity of action will assure all round development along with healthy mental health of students to face exam of life.

Students across India praising the initiative

pariksha pe charcha 2020

Views on Pariksha Pe Charcha reached to the conclusion that the initiative Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brought, is for the sake of students and receiving a brilliant response in take. In Talkatora Indoor Stadium in Delhi Prime Minister Narendra Modi held Pariksha Pe Charcha’ a unique kind of discussion on Examinations. PM also delivered message to parents and teachers on how to make students stress free during Examination season. 

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 Key Highlights- Q&A

Question- Today many students in the country are studying with the help of science and technology, how helpful it is? 

PM replied, 'Our life has become technology friendly today. Do not panic Consider technology as a friend. Focus on how to use it in your life

Question- His parents are expecting him to bring good marks, how can he fulfill his expectations and how can his stress Can be free?

PM Modi said, 'I do not want to pressurize any parent. I do not want children to rebel after I say. Parents, teachers should think about the capacity of children. They should encourage the children.

Question- How much attention should we pay to get good marks in the exam and whether success can be measured by marks?

The PM answered, 'Turning points of success and failure have become marks. It is in my mind that I get more points once. Parents also do the same. After 10th, 12th and after that parents put pressure on children for entrance exam.

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