By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 19, 2020 22:27 IST
No cut in Government Employees' pensions: Finance Minister

Several rumours were floating that government is going to cut pensions of government employees amid the nationwide lockdown and lack of financial resources with government. The rumours filled panic among the people as reports claimed that government has cut pensions by 20% to ensure sufficient cash to overcome economic problems. The Government has dismissed a news report that a twenty per cent cut in Central Government Pensions is being planned. It  has termed the news as false. In a tweet, Ministry of Finance has clarified that there will be no cut in pension disbursements.,
Finance Ministry has cleared on Sunday that the rumours spreading are fake and government has not cut pensions by 20% and announced that there will be no reduction in salaries and pensions of government employees. This statement gave a sigh of relief to many panic stricken people.

No Cut in Govt Emploee s's pensions

It is being reported that a 20 per cent cut in central government pensions is being planned. This news is FALSE. There will be no cut in pension disbursementsIt is clarified that salaries and pensions will not be affected by the Government Cash Management instructions, said a Finance Ministry tweet.

The Centre has also further clarified that no such proposal is being taken consideration. Thanks for approaching seeking a clarification. There is no cut in pension, finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman tweeted. The tweet came in response to a question by a person who said he has got to know about Centre's decision to cut 20% pensions from social media.

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As clarified earlier, it is being reiterated that there is no such proposal for reduction of pension and no action is contemplated by the Government in this respect. Instead, the Government is committed for the welfare and well being of the pensioners," the ministry said in a statement.

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