By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 02, 2020 08:26 IST
Nizamuddin Coronavirus Case- Foreigners from China Malaysia gathered in Markaz, report

As in Nizamuddin Corona (South Delhi) cases shocked all the people due to Novel Coronavirus. They got an infection due to the crowd of the huge number. Islamic place Nizamuddin in South Delhi people are in the most problems almost 200 or more people have come in Nizamuddin from other states and other countries. There were 1830 people from other states and more than 200 people from other countries.

At least 25 people are staying at Markaz building in Nizamuddin, tested of those people were found positive of the coronavirus, as it was said by the Delhi Minister Satyendar Jain on Monday 30,03,2020. All of them checked and screened to know the infection people. It is not exactly the number of the people but it is estimated that 1500-1700 people had assembled at the Markaz Building. Now Nizamudding is continuing to be shifted to hospitals and quarantine centers. Almost the 1 thousand people shifted till today 334 to hospital and 7 hundred to quarantine centers.

Nizamuddin Coronavirus case

Delhi Government had said: Administrators of Nizamuddin Markaz violated Coronavirus Lockdown, it has come to our knowledge that. It is important to take strict and strong action in charge of this establishment. Delhi government will announce to the police to register an FIR against Maulana of Markaz, Nizamuddin.

Now, most of the people have started to wear the mask in Nizamuddin and they are seriously taking it because they have seen the problem are rising due to Novel Coronavirus.

All the people are in danger due to Coronavirus in Delhi's Nizamuddin area due to they were in the mosque, but the Administrators of Nizamuddin Markaz told all the police to register the FIR. It spreads like the fire. 

Foreigners from China Malaysia gathered in Markaz, report

Almost people are on the road of the Nizamuddin, they are waiting for the hospital for a check-up. 
1)The number of infected cases in Delhi increased 97 by Monday evening from 72 on Sunday.
2)6 People died due to attend the congregation in Telangana.
3)1 person died in Kashmir due to Novel Coronavirus.
4)253 people admitted recently and 24 test positive, reported from Nizamuddin Markaz.
5) Almost 800 people went to different states without check-up and hide from screening, police begin the search for those people in India.

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