By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Mar 20, 2020 06:33 IST
Nirbhaya Gets Justice: Convicts Hanged in Morning, Tihar Officials confirmed

As per the recent report, all four convicts have been hanged today at 530 hours, official confirmed., Delhi's Patiala House Court on Thursday dismissed the plea of 2012 Delhi Gangrape convicts seeking a stay on execution on 20 March. That confirmed the Nirbhaya to gets Justice when all four convicts hanged in Delhi’s Tihar jail at 530 hours in Morning. On Thursday Nirbhaya's lawyer Seema Kushwaha told reports that she is now happy and confident that all four convicts hanged at 5.30am as Patiala House Court, dismissed the plea filed by Akshay the convict in 2012 Delhi Gangrape. Tomorrow the date March 20, 2020 should be remembered ‘Nirbhaya’s Justice Day’.

On March 20, at 530 AM the hanging of all four Nirbhaya’s convict was scheduled and executed. Patiala House Court on Thursday rejected the last plea a day before hanging. Rejecting the all obstacles put by convicts’ Lawyer Judiciary body confirmed the hanging of all convicts.

Nirbhaya Gets Justice, Convicts Hanged

Nirbhaya’s all four convicts have been hanged today at 530 hours. And finally Nirbhaya got the justice after 8 years, her mother told. Rejecting the final plea, Patiala House Court gave the verdict on Thursday. On Friday at 5-30 am in morning at Tihar’s execution section, all four convicts have been hanged. Nirbhaya's lawyer after getting the news of cancellation of plea filed in defence of execution by Convicts' lawyer, said i'am happy that they are getting hanged tomorrow.

Delhi's Patiala House Court on March 19, dismissed the plea of 2012 Delhi gangrape convicts seeking a stay on execution. Earlier Delhi gangrape convicts were seeking a stay on execution and in the same line on Thursday AP Singh, 2012 Delhi gangrape case convicts’ lawyer said before Patiala House Court that convicts could be Send to Indo-Pak border, to Doklam, but don't hang them, convicts’ lawyer said.

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Nirbhaya Gets Justice- Hanging (Live)

Citing the request that ‘They are ready to serve the country and shouldn’t be hanged’ Lawyer said. He added that he is still seeking an affidavit in this regard. Nirbhaya's convicts to be hanged tomorrow on March 20, 2020 at 5-30 AM.

nirbhaya gets justice convicts hanging

On Thursday outside the Patiala House Court, Nirbhaya convict Akshay's wife fainted

March 20, 2020- All four Nirbhaya's convicts in 2012 gang rape case have been hanged, Tihar officials confirmed.

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