By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 16, 2020 16:28 IST
India will win against Coronavirus, as eradicated Polio from Country, Health Minister

India’s experience in eradicating polio to help in fight against coronavirus said Health Minister Dr Harshvardhan on Thursday. The solutions used in the eradication of polio from India will be used in the fight against coronavirus, said Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Family and Health Welfare of India. MoHFW and World Health Organization in their joint conference on Wednesday (15 April, 2020) told the media personals that they have organized and stationed the ‘National Polio Surveillance Network’ and other field staff for helping in the eradication covid-19.

In the past, India and WHO had shown a tremendous partnership by working together in the elimination of polio from India. And in present time, both of them have come together for finding the solution of this pandemic.

India will win against Covid19

IDSPs on the field, rapid response group and WHO are also the ‘corona warriors’. Combined efforts of everyone can only help the world fight this epidemic, stated Dr. Harsh Vardhan. Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh, Regional Director of the WHO South-East Asia Region also addressed the WHO and the other working staff.

National Surveillance Project was the major reason which helped WHO in eradicating the polio. It also provided truthful data perfectly on time which helped in forming ideal strategies, said Regional Director of the WHO South-East Asia Region. While addressing the people, she also stated that it is the time for to use our experience and knowledge for the elimination of covid-19 and help the world win this fight.

India eradicated Polio, Smallpox successfully

In the past when India was suffering from the polio and chicken pox, the government and WHO were working together to fight them. It was deemed impossible that the country would be able to win that fight but with the planned and ideal strategies, India was able to suppress them. It was quite surprising for the world to see eradication of polio and chicken pox from India.

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India will win against Coronavirus

It's being said that the government will be using similar type of strategies and plans for the coronavirus as well. The government is involving all the field workers, surveillance workers, IDSPs, rapid response group, NCC and other people and departments, making it much sturdier. The door-to-door strategy is being followed for the survey and collection of data, people are being involved and awareness is being spread about the covid-19.

The strategies and plans have helped India in past in the elimination of polio and chicken pox and now they will be helpful in the fight against the ‘coronavirus’.

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