By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : May 08, 2020 17:53 IST
Doctors & Health Workers facing extra stress as Borders Sealed, says AIIMS RDA President

Healthcare workers and Doctors are the ones facing the problem of commuting amid the lockdown as Delhi-Haryana and Delhi-Noida borders getting sealed, said AIIMS RDA President. Though as a precautionary measure, the state governments have sealed the border to restrict the movement of people across the states, but Doctors and Health Workers are facing additional stress after this decision. The healthcare workers & Doctors who live in the NCR & adjeccent cities and have to travel to Delhi to perform their duty are founding themselves stuck as police personnel are not allowing them to enter despite their ID cards and emergency to treat the patients.

Health professionals including Doctors, Nurses and other staff of NCR are facing additional stress and will have to apply for passes to commute from the outskirts to the hospitals in Delhi.

Doctors & Health Workers facing extra stress

AIIMS Resident Doctors Association President on Friday said that 'Doctors & health workers are facing additional stress as they have to apply for passes to commute from Ghaziabad, Noida & Haryana to hospitals in Delhi. We have requested Central govt to allow movement of health workers across borders at presentation of ID cards.'

On one hand at Delhi-Gurugram Border the Gurugram authorities have directed that those working there and living in Delhi and vice-versa should make living arrangements at or near their workplaces to avoid cross-border movement. 'We are trying to make arrangements for accommodation for mandatory essential staff in Delhi but that is another challenge with most hotels and accommodation facilities non-operational.

Arranging transportation is another hassle, the Max Healthcare spokesperson said. There were 15-20 doctors besides us. Police also threatened an FIR against us. After much pleading, they finally let us go, with a warning that this was being done only for today and if we return without valid passes tomorrow, we should be ready to face charges, one of the doctors said.

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The police officials have said that only those people will be allowed to enter who have valid passes issued by the government. President of RDA, AIIMS said that they have requested the Central Government to allow the movement of health workers across the borders on showing ID cards.

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