By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 18, 2020 13:10 IST
One Hour Class, 150 students- Delhi Municipal Schools start Online Classes via WhatsApp

East and North Delhi Municipal Corporation schools have started online Classes amid lockdown. As per reports Online classes of near One hour duration and with 150 students at a time are being held via WhatsApp groups. Online education has started in Delhi Municipal Schools as the officers of the technical department have prepared roadmap by building App and technology for Online Classes, through which online training is being given.

As per report in around 800 Municipal schools of East and North Delhi Municipalities, Online Classes have started. Third, fourth and fifth Class students are selected for online classes via WhatsApp.

Delhi Schools start Online Classes

Delhi Education Department officials of Eastern and Northern Corporation said that for online education has started with the help of technology, the technical department has created a WhatsApp group and link has been shared among students and teachers.  

Earlier Delhi Education Minister and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia announced that all students need to be part of Online education. On Friday in his press briefing Sisodia also asserted to follow guidelines to Private Schools to not exempt students couldn’t afford tution fee, he laid down in briefing.

Several Institutions, Schools and other training centres have opted Online cources as way of teaching and training, through several Video and Messaging platforms classes are being provided to students. Delhi Municipality Schools have also joined in the row and amid lockdown Teachers are training students via Online Education.

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One Hour Class, 150 Students-

Taking cognizance of the matter Municipality Schools of East and North Delhi have started online education, to which all teachers and students are connected. Nearly 150 children participating in an Online Class. A teacher is taking an hour class and teaching up to 150 children at once through the WhatsApp. Also homework is being provided through the app, source added.

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