By Neha Sinha, Updated : May 11, 2020 14:28 IST
As Donations reduced, Delhi Gurudwaras facing trouble in feeding, Report

As the Donations reduced Delhi Gurdwaras facing trouble, in the national capital Gurudwaras are facing a shortage of ration and cash following a steep rise in the number of homeless people being fed during the ongoing coronavirus lockdown, says the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee.  Since the imposition of the countrywide lockdown on March 25 to stave off the spread of coronavirus, the DSGMC-managed gurdwaras across the city have provided free meals to around 50 lakh homeless people, migrant workers and elderly.

Delhi Gurudwaras facing trouble in feeding

Some of the gurdwaras have also sheltered around 200 health workers, including doctors and nurses, in addition to caring for coronavirus-positive patients at various hospitals. The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) has deployed 500 people, including cooks, drivers and sanitation workers, to carry out relief services during the closure.

Manjinder Singh Sirsa, the president of the Sikh corps said: 'Before, the gurdwaras in Delhi would receive around Rs 40 lakh in donations that maintained the' langar '(community kitchen) service.' Since large numbers of people are unable to visit the gurdwaras during the shutdown, donations have been drastically reduced to just 20 percent, he said. The langar service continues thanks to some kind people who have been donating rations, such as butter, oil, sugar, flour, rice, legumes, spices, salt, etc.

As Donations reduced, Delhi Gurudwaras facing trouble

'But the number of people who need to be fed increases every day and our resources are under tremendous pressure,' said Sirsa. He said that the DSGMC has been receiving calls from a various gurdwara in the national capital, informing him of the exhausted resources. The Sikh body depends entirely on donations. Thanks to the help of some big-hearted people around the world, DSGMC can continue the services, Sirsa said. 'At least 20 ration trucks have been donated to the gurdwara anonymously,' added the official.

Recently, the Punjabi World Organization, an organization representing Sikhs around the world, donated Rs 51 lakh to the DSGMC. Similarly, some entrepreneurs and companies based in India donated cash to help DSGMC feed the needy. 'But given the number of people who need food, we demand that more people go out and donate in cash and in-kind.' If you cannot go to a gurdwara to do ‘Sewa '(service) during the blockade, donate a ration to a nearby gurdwara or make monetary contributions to DSGMC through their website,' added Sirsa.

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