By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 07, 2020 13:36 IST
Delhi Govt to conduct 1 Lakh Covid19 tests, CM Kejriwal introduces 5 T points plan

Delhi Government has decided to conduct nearly 1 lakh Covid19 test in Delhi in next couple of days, Govt said. As the number of COVID19 positive cases have increased in Delhi, Delhi Government has decided to conduct Coronavirus tests in areas of National Capital which are named Hotspots of Coronavirus. In the same regard Chief Minister of Delhi Mr Kejriwal will hold press briefing today at 1PM source added. Among Delhi's hotspots Nizamuddin West area and Dilshad Garden are listed, Govt may add other areas if required for Coronavirus 1 Lakh testing.

Earlier Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) named top 10 hotspots across country on behalf of increase in Coronavirus positive cases.

Delhi Govt 1 Lakh Covid19 tests

Delhi CM to bring 5 Points plan formed in view of increase in Number of Covid19 positive cases in recent days. As Delhi has reported second most cases in India by April 6, taking some effective measures Delhi CM may hint on strategies Delhi people should follow in the row. In recent days Coronavirus positive cases have increased across India after reveal of Nizamuddin Markaz gathering which was participated by Tablighi Jamaat people. Tablighi Jamaat people have been traced across several states including Delhi, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Kerala, West Bengal and others. In wake of rapid rise in Covid19 positive cases in Delhi, now Govt has decided to conduct 1 lakh Covid19 tests among hotspots areas in Delhi

Delhi Chief Minister has just conducted his press briefing and brought 5 T points. Testing, Tracing, Treatment, Team Work and Tracking and Monitoring.

5 T Points suggested by CM Kejriwal

Testing- As CM announces Delhi Government is going to conduct 1 lakh rapid tests at Hotspots in Delhi. At Dilshad Garden and Nizamuddin area 1 lakhs random and rapid tests will be conducted.

Tracing- Delhi Government along with Doctors Team and Delhi Police to search all those who came in contact and to send in self quarantine. According to Delhi CM around 27000 plus calls have been made to check movement of quarantined people. Around 2000 people of Markaz are being checked were they move to any area. If any area comes in this row, area will be sealed.

Treatment- at LNJP hospital 2000 beds are dedicated to Coronavirus, in GB Pant Hospital 500 beds are dedicated, in Rajiv Gandhi Hospital 450 beds are dedicated to Coronavirus patients. Private hospitals includingax Hospital Saket, Appollo, Gangaram hospital have made aroun 2950 beds as dedicated for Covid19 patients, CM said.

Delhi CM also said that Delhi Government is ready if cases increase to 30000 in Delhi. In such situation Government to order 8000 beds order. If further cases found 12000 Hotel rooms and 1000 Dharmshala to be taken over.

CM also announced that from Tomorrow onwards PPE kits to start coming. Twelve thousand oxygen beds and other equipment to start likely from Tomorrow.

Team Work- Delhi CM said all people, Govts, Agencies are working together as a team. Every patient is important now Either he/ she is in Delhi or Maharashtra. We are also learning from other states where progress is happening said CM Kejriwal.

Tracking and Monitoring- Delhi Hief Minister said that he himself is monitoring and tracking the situation in Delhi.

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Areas where Delhi Govt to conduct 1 Lakh Covid19 Tests

On Tuesday Government of Delhi decided to take initiative of 1 Lakh Covid19 tests in Delhi's hotspots where in recent days number of Coronavirus positive cases have increased. Likely in Dilshad Garden, Nizamuddin West, Maujpur, Babarpur and adjacent areas tests could be held. In next few days Delhi Government with the help of Medical staff to take 1 Lakh Covid19 tests. By April 7, in Delhi 523 cases have been reported as cases in India have surpassed 4000 mark already.

Delhi govt 1 lakh Covid19 tests

In addition to the row Delhi CM is going to hold press briefing at 1PM on April 7, Tuesday. Chief Minister to bring 5 points plan for Delhi People in briefing and likely to answer Media question regarding preparedness and facilities Delhi Government is provided amid lockdown.

Earlier in his press briefing Delhi CM announced on Rashan distribution and shelters being provided to roamers and poors.

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