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Delhi CM on Plazsma Therapy Results- Trials are on, results coming out are positive

The plasma theory is providing good results and the trials are being carried out in Delhi's Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital. A severe patient who was going through treatment in the hospital has recovered and was discharged yesterday , according to Delhi Chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal. In the last few weeks, the therapy had been given to certain patients suffering from coronavirus.

The initial results are encouraging and positive, CM said. Earlier, Delhi government urged the people who have recovered from the disease to donate their plasma which can be used to save the lives of other people. Around 1100 people have been contacted to ask for plasma donation and almost all have agreed to donate their plasma. CM Arvind Kejriwal expresses his gratitude towards people ready to donate the plasma.

Delhi CM on Plasma Therapy Results

Convalescent Plasma Therapy is an experimental procedure for COVID-19 patients. In this treatment, plasma from a COVID-19 patient who has recovered from the disease, is transfused into a coronavirus patient who is in critical condition. The idea behind this therapy is that immunity can be transferred from a healthy person to a sick patient using convalescent plasma.

The Central Government gave the permission of experimenting with plasma therapy. The treatment has been given to some patients. out of them, one patient who  was in ICU and was in a critical state has recovered and returned back home yesterday. The satisfactory results are obtained in these few days of trial', CM said.

A few days back, Centre had released a statement which created the wrong apprehension in minds of people that the therapy is no longer in use', CM said. He further clarified that the Centre had declared that only those people who have got the permission from Centre to take plasma therapy, are eligible for taking it. The results of therapy are not yet final.

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