By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : May 08, 2020 13:53 IST
46 Officers of CATS Ambulance Delhi found Corona Positive

As per report 46 Assistant Ambulance officers of Delhi Govt CATS department have been tested covid19 positive. These all staffs are posted at Control Room. Based on sources forty six Assistant Officers of CATS Department, Delhi are found Covid19 positive in report out on Friday. Earlier in the same CATS department Delhi 15 tests were found Coronavirus positive.

CATS Ambulance Delhi- Being a call center, it has 24-hour staff. In such a situation, all the employees working here are feared to be infected. The staff said that more than 59 people tested and out of them total 46 people have been found Coronavirus positive till Friday. 20 reports have been received till last Saturday in the same Call Centre of Delhi XATS Ambulance, of which 15 have been infected. All 46 are now hospitalized for treatment. Employees are also demanding an inquiry into their families.

CATS Ambulance Service in Delhi provides pre-hospital emergency medical response services to the general public through outside contracting under Centralized Accident Trauma Services (CATS). However the cause of infection in large number of people of CATS Department is yet to ascertain.

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It is reported that CAT employees working in the call center said that PPE kits were being distributed to other employees from their offices. An employee could have transitioned the virus from one to another in office. The virus could be transmitted from to another employee working here while distributing the kit. Due to non-appearance of symptoms, he continued to work, which infected the rest of the employees working here.

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