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Answer These 10 Questions (Series 1) GK Reasoning English Maths Questions for All Exams

Hereby we prepared a common test for all Govt Jobs exam aspirants who are preparing for state PSC exams / Central Govt Exams including HSSC/ DSSSB / SSC/ UPPSC/ UPSC/ CTET/ HTET/ DRDO / ISRO & other etc. We daily prepare a Series of 10 questions for students through our website and Facebook Page (See Latest Govt Jobs Exams) for Aspirants complete freely. Students can Answer these questions in Comment box and can be benefited daily without any cost. 

Aspirants are only requested to share our series so that other students can get benefit of Questions based on Reasoning/ Aptitude/ English/ Computer & General Knowledge.  

Question 1) There are five different people starting from A to E, in a row. A is to the right of B and E is to the left of C and right of A, B is to the right of D. Which of the houses is in the middle-  

1) A  

2) B 

3) C 

4) D 

Question 2) In a Birthday Party, 5 friends are sitting in a row. M is to the left of O and the right of P. S is sitting to the right of T but to the left of P. Who is sitting in the middle? 

1) M 

2) O 

3) P 

4) S 

Question 3) Find the Right Synonym of A Word Given below- 






Question 4) Find Antonym or Opposite word of A Word Given below- 






Question 5) General Knowledge 

In which battle did Maharana Sanga defeat Ibrahim Lodhi? 

(a)Battle of Khatoli 

(b)Battle of Sarangpur 

(c)Battle of Siwana 

(d)Battle of Khanva 

Question 6) Who was the First Female Prime Minister or any Country-  

1) Indira Gandhi (India) 

2) Mrs Srimavo Bhandarnaike (Sri Lanka)  

3) Miss Roberto Sales (Peru) 

4) Kim Campbell (Canada) 

Question 7) The Most widely used Input Device is  

1) Mouse 

2) Keyboard 

3) Monitor 

4) Ram 

Question 8) Identify the Fastest Memory-  

1) DVD Rom 

2) Cash Memory 

3) Hard Disk 

4) Static Ram 

Question No 8) 7 kg of wheat having a rate of Rs 14 per kg is mixed with 4 kg of wheat having a rate of Rs 8.50. What is the average rate in kilogram of the mixture? 

1) 11 KG 

2) 12 KG 

3) 13 KG 

4) 14 KG 

Question No 9)  The Nobel Prize was instituted by which Country 

1) UK 

2) USA 

3) Russia 

4) Sweden  

Question No 10) P can do a certain work in 4 days and Q can do the same work in 12 days. They work together for a few days after P leaves and Q alone completes the remaining work. If it takes 6 days to complete the entire work, after how many days does P quit?  

1) 5 days  

2) 3 Days 

3)  2 Dyas 

4) 4 Days 


On Students request we can add other subjects in our daily Question series. All that need to do is to comment the topic which they require.  

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