Vikram Vedha Remake Update: Aamir Khan expelled from the project as he wanted to please Chinese audience

Aamir Khan's Vikram Vedha remake exit has become a huge point of discussion among movie geeks. Check out the latest Vikram Vedha remake update to know why the actor was expelled from the project.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Apr 14, 2021 17:14 IST
Vikram Vedha Remake Update: Aamir Khan expelled from the project as he wanted to please Chinese audience
Aamir Khan expelled from Vikram Vedha remake as he wanted to please Chinese audience

Throughout the most recent couple of days, it has been affirmed that Hrithik Roshan will assume the part of Vedha in the official remake of Vikram Vedha with Saif Ali Khan stepping in to be the cop, Vikram in the film. It will be coordinated by Pushkar - Gayatri, who coordinated the Tamil unique as well. Notwithstanding, 18 months back, Aamir Khan should do the part of a criminal in this film. here we bring you the latest Vikram Vedha remake update. 

He took a rearward sitting arrangement from the change around the long stretch of November, which was trailed by media articles that the actor had left since he was not happy with the content.  Seelatest did some examination and came out with a conclusion on why Aamir Khan left Vikram Vedha. Check out our Vikram Vedha remake update below.

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As per Bollywood Hungama's source, "Aamir Khan loved the original version of Vikram Vedha and had conveyed to Neeraj Pandey, Reliance and the director duo, his vision for the gangster drama. Aamir wanted to spin it around as a quintessential Hong-Kong-based Gangster drama, with sleek action, set against the backdrop of gang-wars in Hong-Kong, making the story more friendly for the Chinese market, to get additional gains from the market. The storytelling template would have been a first for Indian audience too."

He also added, "when Covid-19 outbreak happened, followed by the tussle in Ladakh, the relationship between India and China went from bad to worse and Aamir had no option but to back out of the film." This is our latest Vikram Vedha remake update. 

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This claim definitely holds a lot of weight as Aamir Khan's movie Dangal (2016) did exceptionally well in the Chinese box office, and Amir Khan has a huge fan following in China. Apart from the Vikram Vedha remake, Aamir Khan also dropped the plans to make a Mahabharata movie where he was supposed to play the role of Lord Krishna. Aamir Khan dropped Mahabharata plans because current political scenario as claimed by him.     

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