The Time When Dilip Kumar Rejected An Oscar Winning Hollywood Film, Know The Full Story

As we all know that late actor Dilip Kumar was revered not only by the fans of subcontinent but by the people all over the world. There was one instance when legendary actor Dilip Kumar was offered a pivotal role in an Oscar winning Hollywood movie but he rejected it. Here's full story.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Jul 08, 2021 09:54 IST
The Time When Dilip Kumar Rejected An Oscar Winning Hollywood Film, Know The Full Story
Dilip Kumar, Lawrence Of Arabia

Many actors working in the Bollywood film industry believe that if they get a chance to work in Hollywood, then everyone will have to laud their acting skills. There are many actors who are dying to work in Hollywood that they are ready to fly to Hollywood even for a small role.

Although Dilip Kumar, the patriarch of the Bollywood film industry, was different from such actors. Dilip Kumar was called the 'Tragedy King' of the Bollywood film industry, whose acting was recognized not only by the Indian film industry but also by the Hollywood film industry.

For this reason, in the year 1962, he was approached for the 'Lawrence of Arabia'. It is a different matter that Dilip Kumar had turned down the offer of this film.

Speaking to The Times of India on the occasion of his 90th birthday, Dilip Kumar had confirmed that he was offered the character 'Sharif-al-Bin-l-Kharish' in 'Lawrence of Arabia', However, Dilip Kumar was later replaced by Omar Sharif..

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When the actor was asked why he didn't accept to be a part of 'Lawrence of Arabia', he said, ''I took the right decision at that time. I want to say with all due respect that I had turned down that film keeping in mind all the things that I had sign up for. Whatever offers I had at that time, I chose the best."

When Dilip Kumar was asked if it was not his dream to work in Hollywood films, he said, "I had thought about it. I didn't feel that I would be particularly happy going to Hollywood. The work I was doing here was great and I was satisfied with it."

Let us tell you that the director of 'Lawrence of Arabia' David wanted an Asian artist to play the character of Sharif-al-Bin-l-Kharish in his film, due to which he did not sign any European actor for it.

He knew a little about Dilip Kumar, due to which he came to India with the offer of this film and also tried to persuade Dilip Kumar but he could not succeed. The film 'Lawrence of Arabia' received nominations in 10 different categories of the Oscar Awards, out of which it also won 7 awards.

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